15 Travel Spots Hugh Jackman's Wolverine Has Travelled To (Without Deadpool)

Hugh Jackman is now a Hollywood legend and is known for not only his cult movies, X-Men, but even in the variety of movies and broadway shows he has done. He has been on stage and screen now for twenty years and with a blend of a great personality, good looks and a jacked – pun intended – physique makes sure that he is now a household name across the world. Hugh Jackman’s break into the big time came with a lead role in London’s West End in Oklahoma! in 1998.

Jackman's breakthrough came in 2000 when he landed the role of Wolverine in X-Men, even though it was intended for Russell Crowe, who recommended Jackman instead. At 6 foot 3 Jackman is over a foot taller than the Wolverine in the Marvel comics, but he owned the role (studying wolves and Mike Tyson to perfect the part).

As a performer on London’s West End and Broadway, Hugh Jackman not only performs as an iconic superhero, he also is able to sing and dance. He proved this admirably when he took the lead role of Jean Valjean in the classic musical Les Miserables, which won him Golden Globe. On his down time Hugh Jackman does not fail to disappoint either, his Instagram is stacked with his travel locations and where he likes to travel during his time off.

15 Barcelona

He does not intend to perform the operatic rendition of Barcelona performed by Freddie Mercury as a Broadway legend. But Barcelona is more than just the title of a song. Visiting the famous Spanish city is a reward in itself.

The northern Spanish city, overlooked by Mount Tibidabo is a thriving international port too, as well as a center of culture and the hub of the Catalan civilization. Even though in recent months there has been a regular amount of trouble, as capital of the Catalan region voted in a referendum to become independent from Spain. This still does not stop people wanting to visit the city and Hugh Jackman is no exception, as he came to soak up the beauty of the Sagrada Familia.

14 St Tropez

No list that details the luxury hangouts of the rich and famous would be complete without containing St Tropez on that list somewhere. The small coastal on the strip of the southern French Mediterranean coast, along the well-known and popular French Riviera, St Tropez has been a resort favoured and loved by the so-called “Jet-Set” since the 60s, so it has a knack for attracting, rich, famous and beautiful people for more than fifty years.

Like the nearby town of Cannes, famous for the world’s biggest film festival held every May, St Tropez attracts many of the Hollywood elite and as a man who has played Beauty and the Beast’s Gaston on stage and Les Miserables’ Jean Valjean on screen, Hugh Jackman is well familiar with the French.

13 Hawaii

They may be isolated and sitting alone, far away in the world’s largest ocean, the Pacific Ocean, but does not make the Hawaiian Islands any less popular.

The chain of islands is America’s tropical paradise and is a beautiful place that has several volcanoes, one of which has a telescope on it, and is taller than Mount Everest. Apart from all of these obscure facts about the group of islands, it is an extremely popular tourist destination. The fact that people love to travel to Hawaii does not just apply to ‘normal’ people, but even celebrities will want to visit this lovely part of the world. It is apparently, just the right climate for a Wolverine too, apparently.

12 Paris

There are many people in the world who dream about visiting this city, a city that has been viewed for the longest time as a center for romance, often called the most romantic place on Earth.

Paris is the capital city of France, and is home to a great deal of history, wonderful architecture, and holds some of the world’s greatest works of art. It is a hub for some of the most memorable literature and cinema, not to mention some of the best cuisine, and of course, the Eiffel Tower! With a wife that can speak fluent French and a more than healthy bank balance, it is easy for Hugh Jackman to take his wife there for more than one romantic weekend.

11 Greece

This nation is the home and birthplace of Western civilization and is a place of varying climates. At some points it is mountainous, then it goes from mountainous to lush and greenery, making it famous for olives.

Basking in the southern Mediterranean climate, it is a beautiful place with jewel sparkling seas and is comprised of islands, many islands. So many islands that literally a number of them have gone down in history as legends. Many ancient landmarks are dotted throughout the peninsula and islands, ancient Greek amphitheaters and chiefly, The Parthenon, in Athens. So many islands amid the sea means lovely coastal resorts that anyone would want to visit, especially Hollywood stars like Hugh Jackman when they wish to soak up the sun and a huge amount of ancient culture.

10 Ethiopia

It is far and away from being an extremely luxurious resort and has been the home to numerous famines and invasions from Italy under Mussolini. It suffers from regular droughts that make it very hard for the country’s population.

However, it is an exotic location that very few venture to unless they are working for charity or aid relief and Hugh Jackman’s aid was directly involved with his love of coffee. In order to responsibly source coffee beans for a coffee shop he co-owns in New York, Hugh Jackman visited suppliers in Ethiopia and even stayed with some farmers in the country. He was amazed to see the reverential manner in which they treat coffee. So albeit not luxurious, Ethiopia is definitely a step away from the usual.

9 New York

The largest city in America is often dubbed the greatest city on Earth. An interesting fact about the Big Apple is that allegedly a person can eat at a different eatery every day for 54 years, which might be what prompted Hugh Jackman to open his own coffee shop in The City That Never Sleeps.

Like many of the world’s major metropolises, New York City is city of extreme contrasts. There are examples of extreme poverty just blocks away from some of the most valuable real estates in the city, overlooking the beauty of Central Park. Owning a coffee shop in one of the most luxurious districts in the city is definitely a great investment. Hugh and his family spend a lot of time in New York, they live there throughout the year, and we're sure it adds tons of excitement to his life.

8 Australia

Maybe this seems a little strange for Australia to be the destination for a vacation for someone like Hugh Jackman, who is a native Australian. But Australia is quite a big place, being the largest island on the planet. It is bigger than Western Europe, and an internal flight across the island is needed to travel from the west coast city of Perth to say, the Capital Canberra or Sydney on the east coast.

So Hugh Jackman understandably wants the occasional “staycation” in Australia, especially in a location such as Margaret River. Margaret River is a small town to the south of Perth, Western Australia, home to some craft breweries boutiques and wineries. Jackman admits the town offers some great surfing too.

7 London

London is an ancient place and the biggest city in Europe, in fact it is one of the largest cities in the world. It was once the center of the largest empire in history and it founded the nation of Australia, where Hugh Jackman was born. In fact, Jackman’s parents were born in the United Kingdom so going back to London is probably really nice for Jackman, seeing that it is where his family is from.

Jackman’s movie promotion commitments mean he is London regularly for interviews and premieres in the prestigious cinema in Leicester Square. Obviously, as a highly sought after actor, Hugh probably spends his time in London in some of the swankiest hotels in the world in the world’s most visited city.

6 Spain

Spain is the second largest country in Western Europe and is one of two nations on the Iberian Peninsula (alongside Portugal). Spain has had a turbulent past, having endured centuries of repelling Moorish invasions from Africa, going on to conquer large parts of Central and South America and having only been free of a Fascist dictator less than 50 years ago.

As a large peninsula, Spain has coastlines on both the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean, more than 3,000 miles of coast in fact. With 17 autonomous regions under a central government with the Canary and Balearic Islands, there is much of Spain to explore and Hugh Jackman has the time to explore this hot, varied and vibrant European country, its luxury estates, and unique cuisine.

5 India

This country is one of the most sought after nations to visit in the world and it is full to the brim with reasons why people want to visit this jewel of a sub-continent in Asia. An ancient land steeped in history and with a unique culture, now rising up as one of the world’s booming economic powers, India has it all, from Goan beaches, metropolitan Mumbai, to Amritsar’s Golden Temple, and the legendary Taj Mahal to the Himalayas.

Whether it is taking elephant rides in the jungle or visiting ancient temples in Delhi, it is no wonder that India is mysterious and an enigmatic corner of the world. So of course Hugh Jackman would want to soak up the beauty of Indian summers in perhaps a grand old palace from the days of British rule (known as The Raj).

4 Serengeti, Africa

One of the most awe-inspiring and humbling moments of someone’s life and probably right up there on people’s bucket lists, is travelling to Africa. Adding on that, travelling on a safari ride is unique and definitely a life-changing experience.

Sure, you can see a lot of these animals in a zoo, but there is nothing like witnessing nature in all its majestic glory, in the heart of Africa. This continent is the basin and the birthplace of the human race, and in the Serengeti, people get to see the great beasts of the continent in their natural habitat underneath the huge watch of Mount Kilimanjaro. Everyone wants to see this pure, untamed nature  and as the man who played Wolverine, Africa is a huge draw for the X-Men star.

3 Switzerland

Switzerland is a nation in Central Europe and is home to numerous mountains and lakes and although it is a country that is surrounded by several other European nations around its borders, it is strange in the fact that it is quite insular and is not part of the European Union.

Although the small state has several different regions and languages, what makes Switzerland more unique is the fact that it is an international financial center. A thriving tax haven, people very often do business in Zurich or Geneva where many of the wealthy stash portions of their cash away from their homes in other countries. More than that, sites like the Matterhorn, the Eiger and other mountain hotspots are worth visiting for, like Hugh Jackman has done on his tour of Europe.

2 Hollywood

So this seems like a very obvious place when listing the luxury destinations of the world’s biggest movie stars, but the reasons why are pretty self-explanatory. Hollywood was originally a small suburban village outside of Los Angeles when people like Douglas Fairbanks arrived from New York to make movies. Tinseltown has now been the center of the world of cinema and fame for over a century and for that reason it has called out like a beacon to the rich and famous, a Mecca for the movie industry and movie stars alike.

Hugh Jackman no doubt lives half his life in and around Hollywood, attending movie premieres and awards ceremonies, as well as working in studios. No doubt he soaks up some of the luxury of the city.

1 Maldives

Think of the ideal tropical island paradise, full of white sandy beaches, a clear blue sea, baking hot sunlight, palm trees, beautiful accommodation and watching the most stunning sunsets in the world. Well, it already exists in the form of The Maldives; a beautiful and remote island chain that sits in the middle of the Indian Ocean, laying almost half way between Africa and Indonesia and Australia.

All that is around The Maldives is water, the closest stop off is Sri Lanka so The Maldives are a true place where a person can get away from it all. Hugh Jackman is definitely a very busy man and between having his time dominated by movie making, it is understandable that he would want to retreat away from the world on The Maldives’ island.

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