15 Things Not Even True Fans Know About The Harry Potter Cruise

If there's one thing that everyone can be sure of, it's that Harry Potter fans can get pretty crazy, with many of the fanatics coming out in their droves whenever a new novel or a new film is brought out. While the series continues to trundle on, with J.K.Rowling providing her adoring public with new ways to get involved with the Potter universe, most people know that the main fun is now over. This has given other people around the world a chance to offer the fans various ways of taking part and celebrating their love for their favorite series. Believe it or not, but one of the ways a company has taken it upon themselves to get money from fans is by throwing together a cruise which costs just under $4,000.

You wouldn't think that the concept of mashing up a novel/film series with a cruise would go too well unless that series actually has something to do with boating and water, but the new Harry Potter cruise has shown us that it really can work. Yes, that's right, the ultimate cruise is now here if you're a fan of the young wizard, with the boat now giving fans a chance to tour through London while also taking an interesting look at many of the places that were included in the films or inspired various locations in the Potter universe. We thought we'd have a look at exactly what the cruise offered to show you whether or not this cruise is for you.

So, are you ready to take a look at what this cruise can offer you? Are you a super Potter fan who would pay anything to get on this cruise?! Well then, let's have a look at what you've got in store!

15 The Cruise Lasts Six Days

There's a chance that you could see this as a negative, but we don't think it is. Whenever we hear about the cruises that people go on, we always think they sound as if they go on way too long and that we'd get bored of our surroundings, no matter how many different places the cruise manages to get to while you're on board. With this cruise, you'll never have a chance to get bored since you'll constantly be seeing your favorite Potter-inspired locations while also not having too much time on the boat. Six days is not too long and not too short, and offers the perfect chance for you to enjoy your time while not feeling like the experience has a chance to turn stale for you.

14 It's A Chance To See The River Thames

It won't surprise you to find out that the cruise takes place on the River Thames which runs through London, giving you an opportunity to experience the river in a way that most people never do, even the people that live there. Sure, they see it every day, but you'll get to say that you traveled across it and slept on it as you took part in the Potter cruise. It's also the first bit of evidence that shows this cruise isn't just about visiting places that have something to do with Harry Potter. The Thames is recognized across the world as a tourist destination of choice when visiting London, and this way, you won't miss out on it during your trip. You won't be able to get away from it!

13 You'll Visit Various Places From The Books And Films

As you would expect from a cruise like this, you will be allowed to visit various places that you will immediately recognize from the films, such as the iconic Privet Drive.

Not only that, but you'll visit Christ Church at Oxford University, which was the original inspiration for the Great Hall at Hogwarts, as well as many other places seen in the films.

As you walk through these landmarks, you'll be able to imagine yourself as a character from the film, perhaps as an extra or one of the lesser-known characters, taking in exactly the sort of sights that you would've done on the real set of the films. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for any major Potter fan!

12 You'll Be Allowed To Tour The Landmarks

Not only will you be allowed to see many of the places that were shot in the movie, you'll also be allowed to move fairly freely through some of them, giving you a chance to properly take in the surroundings.

With many of these sorts of tours, you're often expected to have a quick look and then get out, but this cruise wants to make sure that true Potter fans who are willing to pay this much get their money's worth!

We have to say that this is exactly how it should be done, as it's these types of fans that allow this sort of money to be made in the first place. These people deserve the chance to get a real look at the places that get them excited and light up, even if it means slightly inconveniencing some people involved with the tour schedule.

11 It Includes A Guided Tour

While it will be enough for some people just to see some of the iconic locations included in the Potter universe, the people in charge of the tour have decided that they want to up the game a little bit and are even offering their guests the chance for a guided tour. Yes, that's right, you will actually have someone offering you information and little bits from the making of the films that you won't be able to hear anywhere else. For the real fans among you, it will be interesting to see how much new trivia you end up walking away with. You know that you're on a good tour if they can provide your guests with something they didn't already know!

10 You'll Get To See Props And Costumes

When you go to London to take in as much of the Potter world as possible, this cruise will also give you the chance to visit the Warner Brothers Studio where much of the films were shot. Not only that, but they even have a dedicated part of the studios which caters entirely to the Harry Potter series, so if you're interested, which we know you are, you can take in yet more Potter-based information.

Many of the props and costumes from the films are kept here, meaning you will have a chance to see exactly what was used on set by the actors. 

This means you'll be able to go back and tell your friends that you've seen some of the genuine props used when filming.

9 A Hogwarts-Inspired Dinner Is Included

One of the major things about Harry Potter is that they've always been able to make many of the positive things about living in a wizarding world — beyond the ability to cast magic — look absolutely spectacular. The level of details that both the novels and the films have put into the food is enough to make you want to jump straight into the screen and start chowing down on everything in sight, so fans will be happy to know that this cruise will give you that chance.

The people setting up this cruise will be throwing you a dinner that is inspired by the many delicious dinners in Hogwarts' Great Hall.

Seriously, this is quite possibly the most interesting and exciting part of it all.

8 It's A Bit Of A Bargain For A Real Fan

Okay, so it might seem like a lot of money if you're the sort of person that considers themselves a super fan of the series, but for anybody who is fanatical about the books and films, $4,000 is quite a bargain when you take a look at what the cruise offers. This is the sort of thing that people dream of when they become a huge fan of a particular franchise.

You will be able to totally geek out and while you may have to save up a lot of money to get yourself on this cruise, you know that you'll be taking part in an experience that you will never forget for the rest of your life.

This is exactly the sort of thing that you should be saving your money for.

7 The Cruise Takes Place On A Four-Star Ship

If you're anything like us, you probably had no idea that there even was a star system for ships, but we're happy to know that there's somebody keeping an eye on this sort of thing to make sure that everyone is providing people with a proper experience.

So, you'll be happy to know that the boat taking you on your future Harry Potter cruise actually has a four-star rating, so you can be sure that they'll be providing you with a classy experience.

When you head out on an adventure like this one, you want to know that you're being looked after and that you'll be comfortable, or else there's a chance you're going to have a bad time. Nobody wants to get stuck on a ship that isn't looking after them and other guests properly.

6 The Ship Can Only Fit Eight People

Okay, so this is the most crushing part about the cruise for all you Potter fans, since it means that you won't be able to organize a big trip with friends. It also means that competition for tickets is going to be really fierce. However, we consider this a positive thing, since it means that if you are one of the lucky ones, your experience will be intimate and personal — completely catered to your needs. That is the sort of exclusivity that you don't usually get with these sorts of trips. Just get organized in advance, put your name on the waiting list, and you'll be good to go.

5 You'll Be Able To Enjoy The Sun With Outdoor Seating

While many think that England isn't the sort of country where you'll find beautiful weather, you would be surprised of how beautiful South England is during the summer months. Sure, it's always a bit of a gamble, but most of the time, you can expect London to get some pretty great weather, which you'll be able to enjoy properly on your cruise with some fantastic outdoor seating. There will be some times during the day when you want to just sit back and relax rather than heading out into the hectic city for another tour, and you can do this whenever you want on the cruise. It's good to know that this cruise caters not only to your inner Harry Potter fan, but also offer you a relaxed vacation.

4 Some Landmarks On The Route Are Famous On Their Own 

We've already highlighted how this cruise is about more than just Harry Potter, since if you're paying this level of cash, you want to know you're being offered a holiday that caters to your interests outside of Harry Potter too. Well, many of the landmarks that you'll visit throughout your six-day cruise will actually not be Potter themed, but will allow you to see the sort of places that you'd visit as a tourist if you were visiting London anyway.

For example, you'll get the chance to visit Windsor Castle, which is something that almost all Londoners will tell you is a must-see if you're there on holiday.

This is a good thing as it will mean you will never have a chance to get sick of the amount of Potter themed fun that is being thrown your way.

3 No Need To Head To The Pub

We're not sure whether many Potter fans out there would be thought of as being the kind of people who love a good drink, but if you are, then this ship will offer you the chance to get your money back by offering you an open bar. If you're travelling to London from another country and have to exchange your money for the expensive pound, hitting the open bar in the cruise rather than spending your nights at a pub can save you quite a lot.

2 You'll Be Provided With A Classic English Tea Afternoon

When we go on holiday or travel to a different country, we want to make sure that we're taking in the culture, which could be a problem when you're only visiting for a short cruise, but this company has got you covered since they will also be offering you an afternoon of classic English tea. Now, while it may be true that most people in England don't indulge in this sort of afternoon anymore,

it has become a symbol of England around the world and is certainly not something to be missed.

Let the English show you exactly how you're supposed to enjoy a cup of tea with a side of scone.

1 Your Friends Will Be So Envious 

While most of us don't want to admit it, there's definitely a level of competition when it comes to who is the biggest fan of a franchise, especially when it concerns people who are in the same friendship group. Everyone wants to show off exactly how much they love the thing that brings them joy. Do you really think anyone in your group will be able to say that they're a bigger fan than you when you show them the pictures from your time on the Harry Potter cruise? This is the perfect way to show off your fandom expertise in true form without anybody else being able to say otherwise.

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