15 Most Lavish Party Locations Leonardo DiCaprio Has Ever Been Spotted In

Superstar actor Leonardo DiCaprio may be in his forties, but he is showing no signs of slowing down when it comes to his partying lifestyle. Perhaps he has taken inspiration from his fast-living character Jordan Belfort in the acclaimed film The Wolf Of Wall Street? Or maybe he is just making the most of the single life after splitting from long-term girlfriend Israeli model Bar Refaeli in 2011?

Whatever the reason, Leo is still enjoying the drinking, dancing, and flirting, which all goes with having a very active social life. And because he’s Leonard DiCaprio, he gets to party in some of the most lavish venues in some of the most glamorous locations in the world.

Whether he is partying at New York nightclubs, awards ceremonies, or relaxing on luxury yachts, you can bet that wherever Leo is, the paparazzi will soon follow, trying to get a glimpse of Hollywood’s most eligible bachelor getting up to no good.

Given his successful career and his dedicated charity work, however, we think that Leo deserves a night off now and then to have a few drinks and cut loose, especially when he gets an invite to some of the amazingly lavish parties on the list below.

15 The Ridiculously Lavish Domaine Bertaud Belieu


Not all celebrity parties are just for the hell of it. Many are charity occasions, selling tickets at extortionate prices to raise money for good causes. Leonardo DiCaprio’s own charitable foundation held an exclusive gala at the ridiculously lavish Domaine Bertaud Belieu, a villa outside St Tropez, which is home to its own vineyard. Nothing like having a winery on site to make sure that your guests never go thirsty! The charity auction was a huge success, with BFFs Leo and Kate Winslet auctioning off dinners with “Jack and Rose” for thousands of dollars. Good to know that Leo’s not just about having a good time... all the time.

14 His Luxurious Multimillion-Dollar Mansion In The Mexican Resort Of Cabo San Lucas

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New Year’s Eve is one of the biggest nights on anyone’s social calendar, and party animal Leo is not going to be left behind when it comes to seeing in the new year in style and luxury. In fact, in 2010, he hosted his own pre-New Year bash, inviting then-girlfriend Bar Rafaeli along with Naomi Campbell, Paris Hilton, and Jessica Alba to get in the party mood ahead of New Year’s Eve. The party was held at his luxurious, multimillion-dollar mansion in the Mexican resort of Cabo San Lucas, a favorite party destination for famous faces.

13 Nikki Beach St. Barth’s On The Caribbean Island

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White parties–where all the attendees wear white outfits–are popular at beach destinations, where party-goers need to keep their cool all day and night. DiCaprio was snapped by the paparazzi in 2016 leaving one such white party at the fashionable Nikki Beach St Barth’s nightclub on the Caribbean island of Saint Barthélemy. Leo opted for a dress-down white outfit, while many of his friends obviously hadn’t even bothered to read the dress code. Still, when you’re with DiCaprio, no bouncer is going to turn you away from the club, and his posse were welcomed with open arms to the luxurious beachfront venue.

12 Beach Party In Malibu, California

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Even the simplest party can become a lavish one when your friends are among some of the most famous and glamorous people in the world. In 2011, supermodel Naomi Campbell hosted a beach party at the beautiful beachfront home of hard-man actor Jason Statham in the stylish and always-popular town of Malibu in California. Naomi invited lots of fellow famous faces, including Orlando Bloom, Robin Thicke, Scott Disick, along with pal Leonardo DiCaprio, who appears to have decided that the DJ at the event needed a little help, judging by Instagram photos posted by O’Neal McKnight.

11 He Has Partied At Neon Carnival

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For a while in 2016, Leonardo DiCaprio and Rihanna seemed to be inseparable, and there were constant tabloid reports that the two heartthrobs were in a relationship, despite the gap of almost 15 years. The two were seen partying at Neon Carnival, the after-party to end all after-parties to celebrate the end of popular California music festival Coachella. DiCaprio and Rihanna were far from the only celebs who had obviously enjoyed the music and who were now enjoying a little rest and relaxation afterwards. Drake, Diddy, Jamie Foxx, and Selena Gomez were also all spotted having a good time at the exclusive event.

10 Rihanna’s Diamond Charity Ball, Then Later 1 Oak In Chelsea, Manhattan

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Even after their rumored relationship was said to have come to an end, it seems that Leo and RiRi’s shared love of partying meant that they stayed close friends. DiCaprio even attended Rihanna’s Diamond Charity Ball in 2017, as well as showing up at the after-party determined to have a hell of a good time. After they had done their bit raising money for good causes, Rihanna, Leo, and others headed for the private 1 Oak nightclub in Chelsea, Manhattan to keep the party going, and both were spotted leaving the event (separately, of course) looking rather the worse for wear.

9 A Yacht Moored Off St Tropez

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Is there any more lavish location for a party than a super yacht drifting somewhere in the ocean? Leonardo DiCaprio apparently doesn’t think so, as he seems to be a big fan of a life at sea, especially when there are expensive drinks and beautiful girls involved. The paparazzi got out their long lenses to snap Leo and pal Tobey Maguire enjoying the company of some very attractive bikini-clad models on an elegant-looking yacht moored off St Tropez in 2017, the day after his annual charity event. He clearly seemed to be feeling no ill effects from the night before as he sipped champagne and chatted to the other (mainly female) guests.

8 Another Yacht Party, Now In Sydney

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DiCaprio also attended another lavish yacht party, this time in Sydney, with actor Jonah Hill who co-starred with him in The Wolf of Wall Street. Perhaps DiCaprio was employing a spot of method acting, taking on the character of party animal Jordan Belfort, but he certainly seemed unfazed by the topless and very flirtatious models who also attended the party. As well as the lavish yacht party, DiCaprio was rumored to be hosting a New Year’s Eve bash in the Australian city, with celebrity pals including Jamie Foxx and Samantha Ronson flying in to join the celebrations.

7 Cannes Vanity Fair Ball

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When the world-famous film festival is in town, the French Riviera resort of Cannes is one big party, and Leo certainly made the most of his 2016 visit if tabloid reports are anything to go by. DiCaprio was first spotted drinking and dancing in the elite Gotha Club, including some rather compromising pictures of him flirting with Harry Styles’ ex-girlfriend, Georgia Fowler. Leo had also partied with pal Paris Hilton after a charity bash earlier in the week and even managed to turn up at the Cannes Vanity Fair Ball looking bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. How does he do it?

6 He Rented Out The Entire Soho House

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When it came to celebrating his 40th birthday, party-goer extraordinaire Leonardo DiCaprio was always going to pull out the stops to make sure it was a night to remember–or maybe one that everybody would forget? He rented out the entire SoHo House nightclub, an exclusive venue in West Hollywood, and invited a bevy of beauties to party with him and friends Adam Levine, Russell Simmons, Tyrese Gibson, Jonah Hill, and Robin Thicke. Guests were served cordon bleu canapés, such as crab cake burgers and tuna tartare bites, and of course, the champagne was flowing all night to toast the birthday boy.

5 The Infamous Night-Before Party

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The 2016 Academy Awards were a pretty big night for Leo. As a favorite to finally secure the Best Actor statue for his role in The Revenant, DiCaprio could be forgiven for feeling a little nervous in the run up to the ceremony—would he, at long last, receive the award that had eluded him despite his three previous nominations? So, what better way to settle his pre-Oscars nerves than to head to the infamous Night Before Party, a now-annual event which was held in 2016 in a specially-adapted area of Raleigh Studios in LA.

4 The Governor’s Ball

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As we now know, any nerves Leo might have been feeling were unwarranted, and he walked away with the prestigious Best Actor Oscar. Being one of the night’s big winners meant that Leo was in demand, even more than usual, to attend all the usual after-show parties and ball. The Governor’s Ball is usually the first port of call for Oscar winners, a lavish party which is also where winners have their statues officially engraved with their names. In 2016, when Leo won his Oscar, the event was held at the Dolby Theater itself, the same venue as the Academy Awards.

3 The Vanity Fair Celebration

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Once the business of getting your Oscar engraved is out of way, it’s time for the winners to celebrate, heading off to various parties around Los Angeles to make sure that they are seen in all the right places and with all the right people. The place to be seen on the post-Oscars party circuit is the Vanity Fair party, always the most exclusive and expensive bash of the night. In 2016, Leo was the main man at the Vanity Fair celebration, held in a special area of the Wallis Annenberg Centre in Beverley Hills, which had been completely redecorated for the occasion.

2 New York’s Fashionable, Up & Down

In April of 2016, DiCaprio delivered a speech to the UN on climate change, something that his own charitable foundation works hard to tackle. However, all work and no play makes Leo a dull boy, and after he’d finished wowing the assembled heads of state, it was time to wow all the partygoers at New York’s fashionable nightclub, Up &Down. In the early hours of the morning, the actor was spotted by the paparazzi trying to make a quick getaway from the club, with his minders bundling Leo into a waiting car already filled with women he had just met in the club.

1 The Exclusive Beach Haus In The Trendy Sydney Suburb Of Kings Cross

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When you’re Leonardo DiCaprio, celebrating your birthday involves more than a meal out or a few drinks in your local bar. For his 37th birthday, back in 2011, DiCaprio was in Australia filming The Great Gatsby, and to mark the occasion, he decided to rent out an entire nightclub, the exclusive Beach Haus in the trendy Sydney suburb of Kings Cross. Rather than spend too much time thinking about his guest list, Leo simply instructed his people to invite along 80 (yes, 80) Australian models to make sure that he had plenty of pretty girls to keep him company on his special night.

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