15 Celebs Who Own Lavish Private Islands

Having spent their lives in front of the camera and being chased by paparazzi, Hollywood stars also deserve a vacation. Because while getting paid boatloads of cash for being famous already seems like the reward in itself, these stars also need time away from the cameras, screens, magazines and newspapers. Because despite having made it big, they’re still human beings that get tired of their day job; it’s just that theirs involve being in the limelight almost all the time.

So, what would be a good vacation for them? Well, nothing beats chilling out on the beach. Wading in the warm and crystalline blue waters, walking on the fine white sands, reading a book while getting a tan, feeling the cool sea breeze while sipping on drinks — it’s just one of the best ways to escape reality and enjoy life. That’s why it shouldn’t be a surprise why a lot of celebrities go where the waves are.

And while most of them go to super-exclusive beachfront resorts that only the elite can afford to be a member of, some of them take their beach bumming a little further by buying a house by the beach. Then there are those that take it even way further by buying a private tropical island. Talk about taking the idea of the perfect getaway to arguably the highest level. Nobody can purchase paradise, but these stars managed to buy the closest thing. For what it’s worth (pun intended), they deserve being on this list.

15 Johnny Depp's Island Cost Him $3.6 Million

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First on the list would be Johnny Depp. He is the central star of the part-mystical part-historical action-comedy nautical adventure movie franchise Pirates of the Caribbean, and him owning a private island in, well, the very seas he commits old-school piracy in as Captain Jack, makes total sense. To be exact, it’s the Little Halls Pond Cay in the Bahamas. But apparently, Johnny Depp bought the island for $3.6 million in 2004, a few years before he became the crazy, funny and charismatic Captain Jack. Could it be that him buying the island was a foreshadowing of sorts? Either way, the thought of Johnny Depp, who has become inseparable from the role he plays, just chilling in the Caribbean is just fitting. Or perhaps he’s got the Black Pearl hidden there somewhere. anyway, here’s to hoping he doesn’t get bankrupt from overspending and end up losing his island.

14 Leonardo DiCaprio's Island Is A Haven For Him And His Models

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The Beach is one of Leonardo DiCaprio’s best yet most underrated movies. The film, where he played as Richard, a young backpacker that discovers a hidden beach with a community of travelers who want to live off the grid, is a critique on the commodification of Mother Nature, tourist-backpacker-wanderlust lifestyle and hedonism. It’s a rather appropriate movie for him, as he is an outspoken environmentalist. It wouldn’t be a surprise if the film was what inspired him to be one. It also wouldn’t be a surprise if it was what inspired him to buy Blackadore Cay, an island in Belize which he bought for $1.75 million back in 2005. Maybe, just maybe, there are a bunch of backpackers on the island who don’t want to return to “the real world.” And maybe, he’s helping all of them and providing them a safe haven so they can continue to live in peace.

13 Julia Roberts' Island Is More Like A Private Resort

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There were many years during the 90s and early 2000s when Julia Roberts was Hollywood’s highest-paid actress, so it’s not very surprising that the critically-acclaimed star of movies like Pretty Woman, Notting Hill, Mona Lisa Smile and Erin Brockovich was able to buy her very own private island in the Bahamas. Other than that, she also owns Sipson Island, a 25-acre island smack dab in the middle of Pleasant Bay and only a few minutes off Cape Cod’s eastern coast, which she bought for $12.5 million. If you want to see for yourself what Sipson Island is like, the only way is by boat. But then again, it doesn’t seem like it’s a resort, but more like a private vacation getaway that has a seven-bedroom, four-bathroom house, two boathouses and three docks. Managing to buy one whole private island is already impressive, but Julia took it to the next level by owning two.

12 Shakira's Island Cost A Staggering $16 Million

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Aside from her various houses and underneath her lover’s clothes, where else is Shakira’s territory? An island in the Bahamas. The multi-platinum selling Colombian singer and songwriter, who’s famous for her hits like “Whenever, Wherever,” “Hips Don’t Lie” and “Waka Waka,” paired up with Roger Waters, the vocalist of English rock band Pink Floyd, to buy Bonds Cay for $16 million. The island has five beaches and three bays and a few waterfalls. The duo plans to “reinvent the concept of tourism” with the luxury holiday homes and hotels that they have built on the island. And aside from tourism, they’re also planning to sell property off the island, as well as build an artist’s retreat, perfect for those who seek inspiration from nature. So if you have tons of money and would like to take a break and get in touch with your artistic side, go to Shakira and Roger Waters’ island getaway.

11 Nicolas Cage Spends Most Of His Time On His Luxurious Island

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Without a doubt, Nicolas Cage is one of the most prolific actors of all time. You can love him for his love for the craft or hate him for his overexposure and refusal to narrow down his roles, but you have to admit, the guy has dedication. The star of movies like Con Air, Matchstick Men, Lord of War, City of Angels and many, many more owns Leaf Cay in the Bahamas, a slice of paradise rife with palm trees, long and sandy beaches and freshwater lakes and lagoons. He bought the island for $3 million back in 2006. But before his purchase of the Caribbean paradise, he already owned a luxury home on it. Seems like the Cage fell in love with the place and decided to have it all for himself. Could you blame him? We would definitely do the same if we had the money.

10 Celine Dion's Private Island Keeps Her Far Away From The Rest Of The World

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When it comes to 90s balladeers, there is no voice more recognizable than Celine Dion’s. The singer, who’s known for her hits such as “Drove All Night,” “It’s All Coming Back To Me Now” and the undying “My Heart Will Go On,” has made quite a fortune singing these heartfelt and memorable anthems of love. So, where did she spend a good chunk of her money on? A $45.5 million private island estate, which is built on Jupiter Island, Florida, which she also owns. The estate has five buildings, three pools and an ocean view. The main house, on the other hand, is 20,000 square feet with two kitchens, an indoor-outdoor entertainment area, a humongous and luxurious pool that even has an ice cream bar and a gazebo and many other features that even other luxury homes do not have. All of us ordinary people can only dream of having such luxuries.

9 Eddie Murphy's Island Is A Private Paradise

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In order to refresh their material and mental energies, it’s important for comedians to take a break from time to time. Eddie Murphy, one of the best comedians in the world and is famous for his roles such as the titular character in The Nutty Professor, Mulan’s little dragon assistant Mushu, and Shrek’s best friend Donkey. So, where does Eddie Murphy go in order to recharge? Rooster Cay, his very own private island in the Bahamas, which he bought for $15 million in 2007. It’s a 15-acre stretch with long and beautiful coastlines with white sand and blue seas, making it a great place to just walk on. Hey, maybe he can bring Shrek and the rest of the bunch along. After all, Shrek loves peace and quiet, and it seems like Donkey’s got what he’s looking for.

8 Pamela Anderson Got An Island In Dubai From Tommy Lee

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While most celebrities on the list got their own island with their own money, Baywatch star Pamela Anderson got hers from her ex-husband Tommy Lee, drummer of American heavy metal band Motley Crue. Because while other rockstars give the girl they love a car or a house, Tommy Lee went straight for an island — a rather fitting gift, considering Pamela used to be a pretend beach lifeguard. And while most stars buy (or in this case, buy for their beloved) an island in the Caribbean, what Tommy Lee bought was in Dubai. A strange choice in location, but hey, a vacation island is a vacation island. Back in 2008, Pamela had plans of building an eco-friendly hotel on the island. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, construction has yet to begin. Maybe Pamela’s just waiting for a Baywatch reunion. We do hope constructions starts soon though, as an eco-friendly hotel on a private island would be awesome.

7 Mel Gibson Hides From The Paparazzi On His Island

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Actor and director Mel Gibson is known for being in and directing violent movies that are either controversial, like Braveheart, critically-acclaimed, like Hacksaw Ridge or both, like Passion of the Christ. And just like a good chunk of his Hollywood work, he himself is also quite controversial, as he has said and done a lot of things that are, for a lack of a better term, questionable. With the kind of life he’s leading, it is truly no surprise that he bought a private island back in 2005. Called Mago Island, it’s located in Fiji and was worth $15 million at the time. We guess that is where he goes to hide whenever he’s done something crazy again. When that time comes again, the paparazzi better start getting themselves a private jet, because we’re sure there are no direct flights to Mel’s island.

6 Steven Spielberg Actually Owns Two Islands

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Steven Spielberg is perhaps the best director there is when it comes to sci-fi moves– as well as in special effects, of course, but that already goes without saying. If you’re looking for his best works, look no further than Close Encounters of the Third Kind, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial and of course, Jurassic Park. Yes, dinosaur lovers everywhere owe him for bringing back to life our ancient reptilian friends on Isla Nublar. Anyway, since we’re on the topic of islands, Steven Spielberg also has not one, but two islands. The exact locations are undisclosed, but they’re in the Madeira Archipelago, which is off the coast of Portugal. So, could it be that Jurassic Park inspired him to buy his own islands? Or maybe he’ll bring dinosaurs back to life for real? And if you recall, Jurassic Park 3 happens on an island near the original one. Coincidence? We think not.

5 Marlon Brando's Island Has A Resort Called The Brando

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Marlon Brando was one of the most influential, sought-after, unconventional and talented actors — or if you’re a big fan of him or a movie critic, non-actor — of all time. He’s been in a lot of noteworthy movies, like Julius Caesar, A Streetcar Named Desire, Apocalypse Now and of course, The Godfather. Yes, he’s The Don. And apparently, just like in the movies, he was all about business in real life. But instead of running a mob, he ran a resort called The Brando, a beautiful luxury resort on Marlon Brando’s private Tetiaroa, which is in French Polynesia. Aside from your usual clear blue waters and pristine white sand, the resort also boasts of being often visited by sea turtles, manta rays and exotic birds. Undoubtedly, the scenery and atmosphere in The Brando is a far cry from his often cynical movies.

4 Ricky Martin's Island Is The Perfect Escape

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No man is an island, but there are those who choose to go solo. And sometimes, going at it alone is better than being in a group. A good example would be Ricky Martin, ex-member of Latino boy band Menudo, who made bigger waves in the music scene with hits like “Maria,” “The Cup of Life,” and “Nobody Wants to Be Lonely,” after becoming a lone wolf. And with bigger waves comes big money. How big? Enough to buy a private island. The male pop singer bought an island in the Angra dos Reis region in Brazil for $8 million back in 2008. It has an undisclosed name and one of the most scenic views in the world, making it the quintessential place to fly or sail to if you want to get away from… la vida loca. It must be nice to have something wonderful like that to escape to.

3 Robin Williams' Private Island Helped Him Get Away From The World

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The late Robin Williams, aside from being one of the most talented actors of his generation, was also one of the most versatile and prolific ones. Aside from his acting career, he was also rumored to own an island near the Sunshine Coast near Pender Harbor, British Columbia. There is, however, no confirmation of this. Robin Williams jokingly answered the rumors by saying that he heard from someone else that he had an island. And as if it can’t get any more vague, the rumored island’s name is inconsistent if you check the rumor mill. Some say it’s Whitestone Island, while some say it’s Harness Island. Well, regardless of whether it’s true or not, Robin Williams really had an island. Inside the game World of Warcraft, that is. The game developers Blizzard made it as a tribute to the late great actor, as he was also a World of Warcraft player.

2 Richard Branson Might've Bought An Island Just Because Of The Name

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By virtue of popularity, business giants are also celebrities, just of a different kind. Sure, they don’t sing, dance, act or direct, but just like their Hollywood counterparts, they make a lot of money. Plus, they’re just as interesting. After all, they wouldn’t have made it big if they didn’t have charisma. A good example of that is Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin group of companies, which ventured into the recording, airline and telecom industry. And other than owning big businesses, he also owns Necker Island, a private island resort in the British Virgin Islands. The question is, did he choose the island because of the location’s name, or did it just so happen that the name of the brand and the location were the same? Considering that Richard Branson is a brilliant businessman who knows the importance of branding, the former wouldn’t come as a surprise.

1 Tyler Perry's Island In The Bahamas Is Incredible

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When it comes to comedies, one of the best directors would be Tyler Perry. He’s also one of the highest-earning personalities in Hollywood, as Forbes listed him as the highest-paid man in entertainment, garnering over $130 million from May 2010 to 2011. Some of his most popular works include Daddy’s Little Girls, Meet the Browns and the Madea franchise. He also acts from time to time, as seen in movies like Alex Cross and Gone Girl. As the list’s subject suggests, he also has a private island, which is located near White Bay Cay Island in the Bahamas. He’s already building a large main house and many guest cottages on the island, which could mean that the writer, director and actor’s plans of either a vacation place solely for himself or a private resort business is already in the works.

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