13 Places To Travel To In Summer (And 13 Great Deals For Winter)

It seems like everyone is traveling the world these days. Just spend a few minutes scrolling through Instagram and you will probably see plenty of photos of girls hanging out in Bali, Santorini, Hawaii, Japan, and anywhere else you can think of. Travel is now cheaper than ever. It used to be that you had to stay in expensive hotels, show up in a new city with a guidebook, and just book the most convenient flight that you can find at the moment—probably by calling the airline.

But now, the whole game has changed. You can stay in a hostel or an AirBbnb, you can check tons of websites to find the cheapest flights and even get a travel credit card to earn points towards free flights, and you can do lots of research online to find the best deals anywhere you go! Therefore, you don’t have to just sit on the couch and feel jealous whenever you see people online jetting off to cool destinations. It’s time to start finding those great budget deals and living out your travel dreams! Here are 13 destinations everyone should check out this summer, and 13 affordable destinations to visit this winter.

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26 Travel Here This Summer: Santorini, Greece

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Santorini is one of the coolest summer travel destinations on the planet—and plus, you’ll have some great photo ops if you ever decide to visit! According to Lonely Planet, Santorini is a great destination for first-time travelers because of the amazing beaches, delicious food, adorable places to stay, welcoming locals, and the ease of getting around. There is no better time of year to visit so you can watch the world’s most beautiful sunsets from these incredible beaches!

25 Great Deal For Winter: Paris, France

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According to The Culture Trip, winter is actually the perfect time to visit the most romantic city in the world: Paris, France. While the weather may be cold, the prices are much, much lower. Plus, there will not be nearly as many tourists at the most popular attractions, like the Eiffel Tower! If you want to see Paris without dealing with massive crowds, hot weather, or long lines at the Louvre, winter is absolutely the best time for you to go.

24 Travel Here This Summer: Split, Croatia

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Croatia is slowly getting on the map as a majorly popular backpacking destination because of its cheap prices for food and accommodation, and its amazing natural scenery. Now is the time to get in on the action and visit! According to Earth Trekkers, Split, Croatia, has it all, from museums and ancient monuments to delicious budget eats to gorgeous beaches that you won’t want to leave! Split is definitely a must-see destination for anyone who is heading to Europe.

23 Great Deal For Winter: Playa Grande, Costa Rica

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Costa Rica is one of the coolest destinations in Central America. Playa Grande, a beach town on the west coast of the country, is the best spot to dip your toes in the Pacific Ocean, explore the lush tropical rainforest, and try amazing local seafood. Winter is without a doubt the best time to visit—according to Lonely Planet, going during the winter means you’ll enjoy a more temperate climate and skip the rainy season. Why not book those tickets?

22 Travel Here This Summer: San Francisco, California

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San Francisco is one of the coolest cities in America. According to Time Out, just one visit might make you want to move. And summer is the perfect time to visit! Enjoy the gorgeous sunny weather while sitting outside at a trendy cafe with an acai bowl, go shopping at the quirky thrift stores all over the city, meet eccentric, artistic people who will show you all of the underrated places to visit. And, of course, visit the Golden Gate Bridge!

21 Great Deal For Winter: Reykjavik, Iceland

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Visiting Iceland in the winter? Are we crazy for suggesting this? Absolutely not! Iceland has unique landscapes that you can’t find anywhere else, but it can be super expensive in the summer months. However, prices drop much lower in the winter—according to Travel and Leisure, you will also have a better chance of seeing the Northern Lights if you visit between November and February. That is reason enough to bundle up and brave the cold for a winter visit!

20 Travel Here This Summer: Nashville, Tennessee

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Traveling to Nashville isn’t just for country music fans anymore—no matter what your interests are, you will certainly find something fun to do in Nashville! According to Thrillist, any music fans will have something to enjoy in this city. And the live music scene simply can’t be beat! Not to mention the incredible culinary scene in this city. Simply put, you will definitely leave feeling full and satisfied, and with a long list of restaurants to come back to someday!

19 Great Deal For Winter: Montreal, Canada

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If you live in the Northeast United States, a trip to Montreal should be at the top of your list this winter. This gorgeous city has a European feel, but the flight will definitely be much cheaper than a trip to Europe! According to Travel and Leisure, Montreal attracts massive crowds in the summer, but in the winter, you will have no problem finding a good deal and having a little more personal space! It is definitely worth a visit.

18 Travel Here This Summer: Dublin, Ireland

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Dublin is one of the most fun cities around—there is just an endless variety of things to do, from dancing to live music to shopping on Grafton Street to checking out tons of free museums. This city truly has something for everyone, and the locals might just be the nicest people on the planet. According to Independent, Ireland has also been ranked as one of the safest countries in the world, so no need to worry about safety when you visit!

17 Great Deal For Winter: Bali, Indonesia

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You might think that a gorgeous, luxurious destination like Bali would be super expensive, but we’re going to let you in on a little secret—the only expensive thing about Bali is the flight over. Once you arrive, it is actually one of the cheapest destinations in the world. According to Travel Happy, Bali is super easy to visit on a tight budget, and this makes it a great destination for young backpackers who don’t have a lot of cash to drop.

16 Travel Here This Summer: Copenhagen, Denmark

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Denmark may be dark and chilly all winter long, but during the summer, locals and tourists alike get to enjoy endless sunny days, balmy weather, gorgeous natural scenery, and yummy food. Copenhagen is clean, safe, and welcoming—there is no better place for solo travellers to visit! According to CNN, Copenhagen is also one of the happiest cities on earth! And when you get the chance to visit, you will quickly see why the locals love living here so much.

15 Great Deal For Winter: Rome, Italy

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Visiting Rome during the summer may sound enticing, but don’t be fooled—you will encounter huge crowds of tourists, and you may even run into some pickpockets. Plus, the weather becomes very hot and humid. Visiting during the winter is actually a much better idea. According to Rome Wise, traveling to Rome in the winter months is actually the ideal way to see the city because you won’t be pushing through large tour groups at every single attraction you go to!

14 Travel Here This Summer: Berlin, Germany

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Berlin is known for being a hip, alternative destination, and if you visit, you will see right away that the rumors are true! You will find educational and historical sites, incredible restaurants with food from all around the world, amazing murals everywhere, and all kinds of other surprises. According to The Savvy Backpacker, Berlin is a huge city with a neighborhood to suit every kind of traveler, and cheap public transport makes it easy to see it all, no matter where you stay!

13 Great Deal For Winter: New Orleans, Louisiana

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Visiting New Orleans during the summer might seem like a great idea at first—but if you check the local weather, you’ll see that you would just be sweating all day long! And since fall is hurricane season, that is not the best time go either. But according to 417 Mag, the weather in New Orleans during the winter is actually quite mild and sunny—no snow here! This makes it a great time to visit. Especially during Mardi Gras!

12 Travel Here This Summer: Chicago, Illinois

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Why is Chicago the perfect city to visit this summer? Their major airport is a huge international hub, so flights are usually fairly affordable! Plus, they have the Great Lakes—a great spot to visit on a sunny day if you want to get outside and relax! According to Fodors, you will never be bored in Chicago—it’s definitely the right city to visit if you want to spend a few days eating amazing food and hanging out on the water.

11 Great Deal For Winter: Sydney, Australia

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When you think of Australia, what kind of images pop up in your mind? Do you picture kangaroos, beaches, and happy, tan people having a great time? If that’s what you’re looking for, Sydney has it all! If you want to plan a little getaway for the cold winter months, just know that it will be sunny and warm in Sydney—according to Huffington Post, it really doesn’t get cold in Australia. You can live out your Australian travel dreams this winter!

10 Travel Here This Summer: Barcelona, Spain

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Barcelona is the place to be this summer. Actually, it’s the place to be every summer. This city simply has it all—some of the best food in Europe, miles and miles of beautiful beaches, and nightlife that you just can’t find anywhere else! According to Lonely Planet, you will also find incredible architecture in Barcelona that you won’t see anywhere else in Europe—um, can anyone say “photo op?” Barcelona should absolutely have a spot on your bucket list.

9 Great Deal For Winter: San Juan, Puerto Rico

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You may have heard some sad stories about Puerto Rico in the news after last hurricane season—but this little island is resilient, and people are working hard to rebuild. The good news? It’s been open for visitors again for a while, and the beaches are just as beautiful as ever. According to Travel and Leisure, this winter is a great time to visit Puerto Rico to give the tourism industry a boost. Stay in Old San Juan—you won’t regret it!

8 Travel Here This Summer: Lisbon, Portugal

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Now, you already know that Barcelona is a tourism hot spot—but have you ever considered visiting nearby Portugal? The capital city, Lisbon, is an underrated destination that you simply cannot miss. According to Lonely Planet, Lisbon has delicious fresh seafood, a unique vibe, and very cheap prices for everything from hotel rooms to food to clothing all year round! If you want the best weather, definitely plan a visit for the summer months and get to work on your tan.

7 Great Deal For Winter: Prague, Czech Republic

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If you’ve never considered a visit to Prague, this winter is your chance. This city looks like a fairytale set from a Disney movie come to life—between the castles, churches, and quaint medieval buildings, you will feel like you stumbled into wonderland. According to The Culture Trip, visiting Prague in winter is a great idea—everything will be less crowded, and you will get a chance to visit the amazing Christmas markets that pop up from November to December.

6 Travel Here This Summer: Cape Cod, Massachusetts

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Cape Cod is such an adorable, charming town—and summer is by far the best time to visit. According to Fodors, there is an endless list of things to do over the summertime in Cape Cod. You can go to the beach, go whale watching, dine on delicious New England seafood, go shopping at the quaint local stores, and even take a sailboat out for a day. We can’t imagine a more relaxing place to spend a weekend this summer!

5 Great Deal For Winter: Oaxaca, Mexico

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This winter, many tourists will flock to Mexico and head for popular resort areas like Cancun and Cabo. However, there are many other beautiful places in Mexico that anyone traveler would love—and there will be far fewer college kids on break! Oaxaca is one of these destinations. According to Afar, many people come to Oaxaca for the food, the amazing local artists, and the pleasant climate. Sounds like a dream destination for the traveler who just wants to chill out!

4 Travel Here This Summer: Isle Of Skye, Scotland

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A visit to the Isle of Skye feels like you’ve been transported to another place and time. It’s easy to think the buzz about this tiny island off the coast of the Scottish highlands is nothing but hype from travel bloggers—but we’re here to assure you that it really is a dream destination. According to Trip Advisor, visitors often fall in love with the dramatic landscapes, the wildlife, the cute bed and breakfasts, and even the moody weather changes!

3 Great Deal For Winter: London, England

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Yes, London is one of the most expensive cities for tourists—if you want to explore all of its sights, it will not be a cheap vacation! But as you may have gathered by now, visiting pricier European destinations is almost always cheaper in the winter months. According to The Crowded Planet, London is always beautifully decorated for the holidays in winter, prices for hotels and hostels are cheaper, and you can even go ice skating on the outdoor rink!

2 Travel Here This Summer: Outer Banks, North Carolina

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The Outer Banks are an amazing destination for summer or fall. This string of islands just off the coast of North Carolina has endless stretches of sandy beaches, great waves for surfers, and plenty of things to do for people of all ages. According to Vacation Idea, the Outer Banks is a great spot for families, couples, and groups of friends to explore—in other words, there really is something for everyone out here! You’ll have to come see for yourself.

1 Great Deal For Winter: Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Argentina may seem like an unexpected vacation destination—but if you want to get out of your comfort zone and visit an amazing, lively city in the southern hemisphere, look no further than Buenos Aires. If you want to try mouth watering spicy food, stay out dancing until dawn, fall in love, and experience something totally new, Buenos Aires is the city for you! According to The Bubble, Argentina’s winter is in July and August, so it will be toasty in December!

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