10 Amazing Hotels Near the Great Wall of China

The Great Wall is one of the Seven Wonders of The Modern World and one of the most iconic sights in China. It has approximately 6,000 km, and it is over 2,000 years. Most tourists arrive in Beijing, one of the biggest cities in China, before heading to the attraction.

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Of course, there is also room for luxury if you decide to explore the Great Wall. Some lavish hotels can make your experience unforgettable and assure you the best services while visiting this unique place.

Curious? Keep scrolling and discover ten amazing hotels near the Great Wall in China.

10 PuXuan Hotel and Spa

Before heading to the Great Wall, many tourists use to stop by in Beijing. It is one of the biggest cities in China and has specialized agencies to organize the trip. For people looking for luxury, the PuXuan Hotel and Spa is one of the best hotels in the city. It also has a privileged location, very near the Forbidden City, another national treasure. The hotel also arranges city tours and the rooms often have a fantastic view of the city. It is an oasis in the middle of vibrant Beijing.

9 Rosewood Beijing

Rosewood Beijing offers guests the ultimate definition of luxury in Beijing. Their best room is a studio that had a view of the Beijing skyline. It has a modern decoration, and the hotel is perfect for travelers looking for sophistication and comfort. The city is the first stop for people who want to go to the Great Wall.

They also have a spa center has several beauty treatments, and there are also yoga classes available. According to their website, the wellness area features an "indoor swimming pool, Jacuzzi, fitness facility, aerobics room or yoga studio to rejuvenate their minds and bodies."

8 Grand Bay Hotel

The Grand Bay Hotel is less than 30 km away from Mutianyu, the closest city to the Great Wall. It makes it a smart choice for luxury travelers who don't want to be away from a big city since the hotel is in Beijing. The hotel also has enough space for events, like congresses.

They also have a healing center that has multiple services like therapists that are ready to take care of guests body, soul, and mind. There is also a fantastic swimming pool available for guests.

7 Shan Li retreats

The Shan Li Retreats is the perfect place for people who want something exclusive, peaceful, and far from the lively Beijing. Ir was designed for people looking for peace. The owner renovated five old farmhouses and made them into luxurious and exclusive hotel rooms. According to Travel and Leisure, the rooms have "sport brick exteriors, fireplaces inside, gardens, large windows, and equipped kitchens."

It is the perfect chance to meet another side of China and slow down before or after going to the Great Wall. The rooms are spacious and perfect for families traveling together.

6 VUE Hotel Hou Hai

VUE Hotel Hou Hai, in Beijing, is one of the best hotels in the city, according to TripAdvisor reviews. The building dates back from 1950, and it was adapted to become one of the fanciest hotels in this list. Many visitors choose Beijing as the base city to visit the Great Wall during a day trip.

The hotel is near the Houhai Lake, which is a vibrant area full of bars. So it offers the guest the chance to enjoy the nightlife. The hotel is surrounded by trees. The guests can also enjoy a drink at the jacuzzi on the rooftop.

5 Aman at Summer Palace

This place is not very close to the Great Wall, but it is worth the 1.5-hour drive. The Aman Resort made its hotel near the Summer Palace. The building is considered a UNESCO World Heritage Summer. Some of the 51 rooms are part of the 1750 construction.

The old Chinese culture inspires the hotel decoration. However, it offers luxury and modern services like a Spa and fitness center. It is truly one of the best options for people who want to experience an immersion in Chinese culture with a luxurious touch.

4 Sunrise Kempinski

Sunrise Kempinski is only 10 km away from the Great Wall and the hotel staff is more than happy to arrange a tour for their guests. The suites of this five-star hotel have a view of the magnificent

Yanqi Lake. Due to its romantic atmosphere and specialized services, this hotel is also an excellent place for wedding ceremonies.

The hotel also has a luxury spa that, according to the website, offers treatments that are perfect to "restore the body's natural equilibrium." There is also a fully-equipped fitness center and indoor swimming pool.

3 Yanqi Hotel managed by Kempinski

Yanqi Hotel is part of an exclusive 12 boutique hotel chain in China. Among the high-profile guests of the hotels are presidents and royalty. The Chairman Suite offers a breathtaking view from the balcony and lots of space. The spa offers exclusive treatments based on each guest body type. The staff seems prepared to spoil the guests in the best way, and they also have special meals.

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There is also a Concierge available that can arrange a visit to the Great Wall. It sounds like a great way to make this visit unforgettable.

2 Brickyard Retreat

Brickyard Retreat has only 25 rooms, and most of them offer a view to the Great Wall. It is also possible to rent 11 villas that are also part of the property. Regardless of the accommodation they choose, guests will feel the energy of the place and find the quietness, something rare in vibrant China.

The hotel also has an outdoor jacuzzi, a sauna with a panoramic glass facing the Great Wall and a spa with several exclusive treatments. The millenary Chinese traditions inspire the treatments, and each spa rooms is connected to nature.

1 Commune by the Great Wall

Commune is just an hour away from Beijing, one of the biggest cities in China. However, this hotel is the chance to find some days of quiet and peace, and guests will feel they are away from everything. The hotel offers soundproof rooms, seasonal outdoor swimming pool, hot tub, rooftop terrace, and tennis court.

The rooms are spacious and have a modern decoration with a touch of Chinese culture. The 42 villas are made with noble material. Besides the Great Wall, guests can enjoy a ski resort nearby, depending on the season they visit.

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