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Top 100 Richest Singers

While singers might get rich, music is food for the soul. Those who listen to it have various feelings or reactions toward the song. They can forget the world of difficulties. It can make someone laugh or cry. They can even remember something good or bad in the past. A certain song can also bring someone back to a specific moment in life. Just like music, singing is also good for the soul. However, not everyone has the voice to sing a good tune. It is not a gift for everyone because there are some who cannot carry a tune. They don’t have the voice to sing or they don’t have a good ear to listen to the music and sing to it. Those who are really good can draw the listeners with the bear of their tunes. These are richest singers in the world who have a grip on their voice and they really know how to sing. They are also considered music tycoons because they have generated huge amount every year with their impressive singing style that is highly appreciated and loved by the audience. Sometimes, it happens that a singer has already earned millions from a single number and they become even richer. How much more if they have recorded several high-earning singles in an album? That probably earned them a greater fortune! From classic rock to indie pop, the selling of their albums just never stops. With new genres consistently emerging, there is always someone new to keep us yearning. With homes and cars that always flash these are the singers with the most cash. They draw us in with the beat of their tunes, most of these people are music tycoons. From classic rock to indie pop the selling of these albums just never stop. With new genres consistently emerging there is always someone new to keep us yearning. With homes and cars that always flash these are the singers with the most cash.

Rank Name Net Worth Age Country
Madonna Net Worth
$580 M 59 United States
Mariah Carey Net Worth
Mariah Carey
$535 M 47 United States
Dolly Parton Net Worth
Dolly Parton
$500 M 72 United States
Gloria Estefan Net Worth
Gloria Estefan
$500 M 60 United States
Victoria Beckham Net Worth
Victoria Beckham
$450 M 43 United Kingdom
Johnny Mathis Net Worth
Johnny Mathis
$400 M 82 United States
Celine Dion Net Worth
Celine Dion
$380 M 49 Canada
Barbra Streisand Net Worth
Barbra Streisand
$370 M 75 United States
Jennifer Lopez Net Worth
Jennifer Lopez
$360 M 48 United States
Toby Keith Net Worth
Toby Keith
$360 M 56 United States
Beyonce Net Worth
$350 M 36 United States
Shania Twain Net Worth
Shania Twain
$350 M 52 Canada
Bruce Springsteen Net Worth
Bruce Springsteen
$345 M 68 United States
George Strait Net Worth
George Strait
$326 M 65
Cher Net Worth
$305 M 71 United States
Justin Bieber Net Worth
Justin Bieber
$305 M 23 Canada
Julio Iglesias Net Worth
Julio Iglesias
$300 M 74 Spain
Nana Mouskouri Net Worth
Nana Mouskouri
$280 M
Taylor Swift Net Worth
Taylor Swift
$280 M 28 United States
Johnny Hallyday Net Worth
Johnny Hallyday
$275 M 74 France
Lady Gaga Net Worth
Lady Gaga
$275 M 31 United States
Aaron Kwok Net Worth
Aaron Kwok
$275 M 52
Diana Ross Net Worth
Diana Ross
$250 M 73 United States
Tom Jones Net Worth
Tom Jones
$250 M 77 United Kingdom
Kenny Rogers Net Worth
Kenny Rogers
$250 M 79 United States
Tina Arena Net Worth
Tina Arena
$245 M 50 Australia
Garth Brooks Net Worth
Garth Brooks
$240 M 55 United States
Rihanna Net Worth
$230 M 29 United States
Kenny Chesney Net Worth
Kenny Chesney
$225 M 49 United States
Justin Timberlake Net Worth
Justin Timberlake
$225 M 36 United States
Bette Midler Net Worth
Bette Midler
$220 M 72 United States
Shakira Net Worth
$220 M 40
One Direction Net Worth
One Direction
$215 M Ireland
Katy Perry Net Worth
Katy Perry
$210 M 33 United States
Robbie Williams Net Worth
Robbie Williams
$200 M 43 United Kingdom
Britney Spears Net Worth
Britney Spears
$200 M 36 United States
Tina Turner Net Worth
Tina Turner
$200 M 78
Don Henley Net Worth
Don Henley
$200 M 70 United States
Lionel Richie Net Worth
Lionel Richie
$200 M 68 United States
Jay Chou Net Worth
Jay Chou
$185 M 39
Usher Net Worth
$180 M 39 United States
Janet Jackson Net Worth
Janet Jackson
$175 M 51 United States
Babyface Net Worth
$170 M 58 United States
Barry and Robin Gibb Net Worth
Barry and Robin Gibb
$165 M
Christina Aguilera Net Worth
Christina Aguilera
$160 M 37 United States
Miley Cyrus Net Worth
Miley Cyrus
$160 M 25 United States
Pharrell Williams Net Worth
Pharrell Williams
$150 M 44 United States
Jessica Simpson Net Worth
Jessica Simpson
$150 M 37 United States
Michael Buble Net Worth
Michael Buble
$150 M 42
Vanessa Paradis Net Worth
Vanessa Paradis
$150 M 45 France
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