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Top 100 Richest Rappers

The richest rappers we know today never started at the top. Many grew up in poverty. Most of them fought hard to move their way to the top from a humble beginning. However, if you look at their lives today, these guys are already living a life of luxury. Rags to riches. This is typical among the majority of rappers. They used to rap in the streets to express themselves. As a form of music, rapping incorporates “rhyme, rhythmic speech, and street vernacular” performed or chanted solo or in a group in a variety of ways. Before the world’s richest rappers achieved stardom and wealth, they had struggled more than most celebrities. These money-making machines have fancy homes and cars as well as flashy lives, so they no longer need loans. Rap is already in their genes and they are already living lives mostly seen in dreams. Both men and women who got money in the bank can rank in our list. Take a look at these numbers, they’re downright ludicrous! From Jay-Z to P. Diddy, whether east coast or west coast, gangster or indie rap, the richest rappers have earned their fortune through hard work, talent, and unmatched ambition. Adding to their wealth, these lyricists are also entrepreneurs, producers, actors, and philanthropists.

Rank Name Net Worth Age Country
Dr. Dre Net Worth
Dr. Dre
$830 M 52 United States
Sean Combs – Diddy Net Worth
Sean Combs – Diddy
$820 M 48 United States
Jay Z Net Worth
Jay Z
$810 M 47 United States
Russell Simmons Net Worth
Russell Simmons
$340 M 60 United States
Master P Net Worth
Master P
$250 M 50 United States
Eminem Net Worth
$190 M 45 United States
Usher Net Worth
$180 M 39 United States
Ronald Slim Williams Net Worth
Ronald Slim Williams
$170 M 50 United States
Kanye West Net Worth
Kanye West
$160 M 40 United States
50 Cent Net Worth
50 Cent
$155 M 42 United States
Pharrell Williams Net Worth
Pharrell Williams
$150 M 44 United States
Lil Wayne Net Worth
Lil Wayne
$150 M 35 United States
Snoop Dogg Net Worth
Snoop Dogg
$143 M 46 United States
Ice Cube Net Worth
Ice Cube
$140 M 48 United States
Birdman Net Worth
$110 M 48 United States
LL Cool J Net Worth
LL Cool J
$100 M 49 United States
Drake Net Worth
$100 M 31 Canada
Timbaland Net Worth
$85 M 46 United States
Akon Net Worth
$80 M 44 United States
Adam Horovitz aka Ad-Rock Net Worth
Adam Horovitz aka Ad-Rock
$75 M 51 United States
#21 Net Worth
$75 M 42 United States
Michael Diamond AKA Mike D Net Worth
Michael Diamond AKA Mike D
$75 M 52 United States
Nicki Minaj Net Worth
Nicki Minaj
$75 M 32 United States
Joseph Simmons AKA Rev Run Net Worth
Joseph Simmons AKA Rev Run
$70 M 53 United States
Swizz Beatz Net Worth
Swizz Beatz
$65 M 39 United States
Busta Rhymes Net Worth
Busta Rhymes
$65 M 45 United States
Nelly Net Worth
$60 M 43 United States
Wiz Khalifa Net Worth
Wiz Khalifa
$55 M 30 United States
Chad Hugo Net Worth
Chad Hugo
$55 M 43 United States
T.I. Net Worth
$55 M 37 United States
Afeni Shakur Net Worth
Afeni Shakur
$50 M 70 United States
Darryl McDaniels Net Worth
Darryl McDaniels
$45 M 53 United States
Andre 3000 Net Worth
Andre 3000
$45 M 42 United States
Bone Thugs-n-Harmony Net Worth
Bone Thugs-n-Harmony
$45 M 25 United States
J Prince Net Worth
J Prince
$45 M United States
Rick Ross Net Worth
Rick Ross
$42 M 41 United States
Big Boi Net Worth
Big Boi
$40 M 42 United States
T-Pain Net Worth
$35 M 32 United States
Common Net Worth
$35 M 45 United States
Ice T Net Worth
Ice T
$35 M 59 United States
Ludacris Net Worth
$31 M 40 United States
Soulja Boy Net Worth
Soulja Boy
$30 M 27 United States
Flo Rida Net Worth
Flo Rida
$30 M 38 United States
Lil Jon Net Worth
Lil Jon
$25 M 46 United States
The Game Net Worth
The Game
$25 M 37 United States
Mike Shinoda Net Worth
Mike Shinoda
$23 M 40 United States
Cee Lo Green Net Worth
Cee Lo Green
$22 M 43 United States
Tech N9ne Net Worth
Tech N9ne
$21 M 46 United States
Nick Cannon Net Worth
Nick Cannon
$20 M 37 United States
Method Man Net Worth
Method Man
$20 M 46 United States
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