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Top 100 Richest Producers

More than the impressive performance of artists, actors, actresses, and other entertainers, the success of TV shows and films lies on the magical hands of producers. They are the brilliant minds that use a combination of good story, proper staff collection, and right funding in order to deliver quality entertainment for the audience. Producers play significant roles in the entire process starting from planning until the execution. Thus, it’s no longer a surprise that some of them are able to bring themselves into the list of richest people in the field of entertainment. The roles of producers vary from one project to another. They are usually involved in script selection, editing, directing, writing, and even in the financial aspect of the project. For film projects, they are the ones tasked to look for potential materials and once approved, they will start scouting for skilled screenwriters and directors. Producers are also involved in arranging schedules, finding venue locations, as well as selecting music and scenes to be cut. In some cases, they also have the last say in whatever financial decision should be made. They also make sure that they exhaust all possible efforts to ensure high returns on investments. With their immense contribution to the projects they handle, it’s only proper that they get hefty compensation. With the success of every TV show and film they oversee, some producers have earned a remarkable reputation in the industry. Through time, their market value has significantly increased, thereby enabling them to fatter paychecks. Wondering who they are? Take a peek at our list of richest producers today!

Rank Name Net Worth Age Country
George Lucas Net Worth
George Lucas
$6.39 B 73 United States
Arnon Milchan Net Worth
Arnon Milchan
$5.4 B 73
Austin Hearst Net Worth
Austin Hearst
$1.9 B
Jeffrey Lurie Net Worth
Jeffrey Lurie
$1.85 B 66 United States
Cameron Mackintosh Net Worth
Cameron Mackintosh
$1.2 B 71 United Kingdom
Ryan Kavanaugh Net Worth
Ryan Kavanaugh
$1 B 43 United States
Jerry Bruckheimer Net Worth
Jerry Bruckheimer
$900 M 74 United States
Jeffrey Katzenberg Net Worth
Jeffrey Katzenberg
$860 M 67
Jerry Moss Net Worth
Jerry Moss
$800 M 82
Joe Roth Net Worth
Joe Roth
$700 M 69
Chuck Lorre Net Worth
Chuck Lorre
$600 M 65 United States
Steve Bing Net Worth
Steve Bing
$600 M 52 United States
Stephen Bing Net Worth
Stephen Bing
$590 M 52
Simon Fuller Net Worth
Simon Fuller
$580 M 57 United Kingdom
Simon Cowell Net Worth
Simon Cowell
$550 M 58 United Kingdom
Abigail Disney Net Worth
Abigail Disney
$500 M 58 United States
Emilio Estefan Net Worth
Emilio Estefan
$500 M 64 United States
Mark Burnett Net Worth
Mark Burnett
$438 M 57 United Kingdom
Michael Bay Net Worth
Michael Bay
$430 M 52 United States
Sam Simon Net Worth
Sam Simon
$400 M 62
Tyler Perry Net Worth
Tyler Perry
$400 M 48 United States
Peter Guber Net Worth
Peter Guber
$400 M 75
Rick Rubin Net Worth
Rick Rubin
$400 M 54 United States
Kishore Lulla Net Worth
Kishore Lulla
$360 M
Lorne Michaels Net Worth
Lorne Michaels
$350 M 73 United States
Trey Parker Net Worth
Trey Parker
$350 M 48 United States
Joel Silver Net Worth
Joel Silver
$300 M
Lou Pearlman Net Worth
Lou Pearlman
$300 M 63
A. R. Rahman Net Worth
A. R. Rahman
$280 M 52 Japan
Dick Wolf Net Worth
Dick Wolf
$250 M 71 United States
Max Martin Net Worth
Max Martin
$250 M 46
Donald P. Bellisario Net Worth
Donald P. Bellisario
$250 M 82 United States
David E Kelley Net Worth
David E Kelley
$250 M 61 United States
Mutt Lange Net Worth
Mutt Lange
$225 M 69
Jamie Palumbo Net Worth
Jamie Palumbo
$210 M 54
Bill Lawrence Net Worth
Bill Lawrence
$200 M 49
Jerry Weintraub Net Worth
Jerry Weintraub
$200 M 80
Jon Peters Net Worth
Jon Peters
$200 M 72 United States
Desmond Child Net Worth
Desmond Child
$200 M 64
David Crane Net Worth
David Crane
$200 M 60
Marta Kauffman Net Worth
Marta Kauffman
$200 M 61
Sherwood Schwartz Net Worth
Sherwood Schwartz
$175 M
Tony and Ridley Scott Net Worth
Tony and Ridley Scott
$165 M
Harvey Weinstein Net Worth
Harvey Weinstein
$150 M 65
Steven Bochco Net Worth
Steven Bochco
$150 M 74
Avi Lerner Net Worth
Avi Lerner
$150 M 70 United States
Barbara Broccoli Net Worth
Barbara Broccoli
$150 M 57
Kathleen Kennedy Net Worth
Kathleen Kennedy
$150 M 64 United States
Lana Wachowski Net Worth
Lana Wachowski
$125 M 52
Andy Wachowski Net Worth
Andy Wachowski
$125 M 50
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