Top 100 Richest Musicians

It feels good to listen to your favorite song/s while doing the things that you love. Music is always good to the ears, regardless of the genre because every person has his or her own preference. The same goes with the music stars they follow and this also often associated with their kind of music. Because of this, music artists build immense amount of money and dominate the entertainment industry. After all, music is a cash heavy industry and it is pretty rich. The richest musicians in the world are the masters of their domain and some of their albums have spawned songs that were later tagged as some of the world’s favorites. They receive money for their talent as they play live in concerts, produce soundtracks of top grossing films, as well as write lyrics or play instruments. They can even make more money as they make their way to Hollywood or Broadway, or become one of the successful entrepreneurs in the music or other industry. However, many artists know how the struggle is real as they enter the music industry. Some of them paid their dues and never broke through the mainstream. It takes effort, time, money, and the right attitude to make it into music. Upcoming and ambitious musicians have to become marketers on top of writing songs and playing instruments. Everyday, new music is released and the competition is growing. It is no easy task to become a musician and it is even harder to make it as a professional career. It doesn't take overnight for the musicians to do make it into the industry. Take a look at our list and see how many of them strike a chord within you.

Rank Name Net Worth Age Country
John Deacon
$115 Million 67 United kingdom
$110 Million 49 United states
Pete Townshend
$105 Million 73 United kingdom
John Williams
$100 Million 86 United states
Phil Spector
$100 Million 79 United states
Malcolm Young
$100 Million 65 Australia
Nick Mason
$100 Million 74 United kingdom
Mark Knopfler
$95 Million 69 United kingdom
Hans Zimmer
$90 Million 61 Germany
Cliff Richard
$90 Million 78 United kingdom
Van Morrison
$90 Million 73 United kingdom
Eddie Vedder
$90 Million 54 United states
Tim Mcgraw
$85 Million 51 United states
Steven Van Zandt
$80 Million 68 United states
Kid Rock
$80 Million 47 United states
Frankie Valli
$80 Million 84 United states
John Paul Jones
$80 Million 72 United kingdom
Stevie Nicks
$75 Million 70 United states
Brian Wilson
$75 Million 76 United states
Guy Berryman
$75 Million 40 United kingdom
Jonny Buckland
$75 Million 41 United kingdom
Will Champion
$75 Million 40 United kingdom
Nicki Minaj
$75 Million 34 United states
John Fogerty
$70 Million 73 United states
Thomas Bangalter (Daft Punk)
$70 Million 43 France
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