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Top 100 Richest Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are often challenged by a lot of financial risks in order to attain their business goals. To achieve this, entrepreneurs must have in-depth knowledge on how to organize, direct, and manage their company’s available resources. Entrepreneurs are also known as business leaders and innovators of new ideas. There are a lot of different types of business to choose from. Whether it’s a franchise, online retail or B2B, doing market research is a crucial aspect to consider before establishing any type of business. Entrepreneurs have to secure the financial resources before establishing a business. Some of the funding sources may include savings, lending institutions, and potential investors. Bringing a business partner can help raising funds. When putting up a business, target market should be carefully determined and factors such as geographic location, demographic, psychographic, behavioral and product. Some entrepreneurs prefer niche markets that are not served in their chosen industry. Create a marketing strategy that will be useful for the benefit of the business. Entrepreneurs need to be continuously innovative in order to attract more clients thereby resulting to increased return on investments (ROI). Expanding the business will never complete without building a team of trusted lawyers, tax accountant, and an insurance advisor that will support the need of a company. Notable entrepreneurs that made an impact in the industry include Theo Albrecht, Hans Riegel, Gunter Herz, Eduardo Saverin, and Jack Ma. Let’s take a peek at the successful names who are currently included in our list of richest entrepreneurs.

Rank Name Net Worth Age Country
Jack Ma Net Worth
Jack Ma
$47.2 B 53
Serge Dassault Net Worth
Serge Dassault
$22.5 B 92 France
Charoen Sirivadhanabhakdi Net Worth
Charoen Sirivadhanabhakdi
$17.4 B 73
Ernesto Bertarelli Net Worth
Ernesto Bertarelli
$16.3 B 52 Switzerland
Hinduja Brothers Net Worth
Hinduja Brothers
$14.9 B United Kingdom
Sara Mota de Larrea Net Worth
Sara Mota de Larrea
$12.6 B
Yeung Kin-Man Net Worth
Yeung Kin-Man
$11.6 B
Gautam Adani Net Worth
Gautam Adani
$10.9 B 55
Eduardo Saverin Net Worth
Eduardo Saverin
$9.64 B 35 Brazil
Sherry Brydson Net Worth
Sherry Brydson
$7.57 B Canada
Zong Qinghou Net Worth
Zong Qinghou
$7.15 B 72 China
Hansjorg Wyss Net Worth
Hansjorg Wyss
$6.79 B 82
Sri Prakash Lohia Net Worth
Sri Prakash Lohia
$5.3 B 65
Wei Jianjun Net Worth
Wei Jianjun
$5.2 B 54 China
Gianfelice Mario Rocca Net Worth
Gianfelice Mario Rocca
$5.2 B 69
Guangchang Guo Net Worth
Guangchang Guo
$5.03 B 51
Aloys Wobben Net Worth
Aloys Wobben
$4.87 B 65
Huang Guangyu Net Worth
Huang Guangyu
$3.25 B 48 China
John Kapoor Net Worth
John Kapoor
$3.2 B India
Hoang Kieu Net Worth
Hoang Kieu
$3 B United States
Hans Riegel Net Worth
Hans Riegel
$2.9 B 94
Gunter Herz Net Worth
Gunter Herz
$2.8 B 77
Otto Happel Net Worth
Otto Happel
$2.6 B 69
Robert Miller Net Worth
Robert Miller
$2.5 B 84
Barron Hilton Net Worth
Barron Hilton
$2.5 B 90 United States
Mike Ilitch Net Worth
Mike Ilitch
$2.4 B 88
Michael G. Rubin Net Worth
Michael G. Rubin
$2.3 B 46 United States
Fernando Belmont Net Worth
Fernando Belmont
$2.2 B
Hans Epprecht Net Worth
Hans Epprecht
$2.1 B United States
Sir Ian Wood Net Worth
Sir Ian Wood
$1.9 B 75 United Kingdom
Guilherme Peirao Leal Net Worth
Guilherme Peirao Leal
$1.8 B 67
Stephen Saad Net Worth
Stephen Saad
$1.5 B 53 South Africa
Peggy Cherng Net Worth
Peggy Cherng
$1.5 B
Peter Unger Net Worth
Peter Unger
$1.4 B 73
Albert Yeung Net Worth
Albert Yeung
$1.4 B 74
Joseph Craft Net Worth
Joseph Craft
$1.4 B
Andrei Filatov Net Worth
Andrei Filatov
$1.35 B 46
Alan Gerry Net Worth
Alan Gerry
$1.3 B
Maxim Nogotkov Net Worth
Maxim Nogotkov
$1.3 B 41 Russia
Manoj Bhargava Net Worth
Manoj Bhargava
$1.3 B India
Anas Sefrioui Net Worth
Anas Sefrioui
$1.3 B 60
Polys Haji-Ioannou Net Worth
Polys Haji-Ioannou
$1.29 B
Frank VanderSloot Net Worth
Frank VanderSloot
$1.2 B 69
Mike Markkula Net Worth
Mike Markkula
$1.2 B 75 United States
Roberto Angelini Rossi Net Worth
Roberto Angelini Rossi
$1.2 B 69
Drew Houston Net Worth
Drew Houston
$1.2 B 34 United States
Todd Wagner Net Worth
Todd Wagner
$1.2 B 57
Jim Clark Net Worth
Jim Clark
$1.1 B 73 United States
Clelia Haji-Ioannou Net Worth
Clelia Haji-Ioannou
$1.06 B
Robert Bigelow Net Worth
Robert Bigelow
$1 B
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