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Top 100 Richest Directors

With every passing year, we have witnessed the continuous growth and development in the Hollywood. It is no wonder that the film industry is considered as a multi-billion industry because it continues to produce several successful movies year after year. And who else could be the brain and talent behind the success of an exceptional movie? None other than the directors! However, he can also cause the failure of a film because he is the overall in-charge of the production. He can either make or break a film with the way he overlooks just about every aspect. There have been many great Hollywood directors that we have known over the years, but not all of them can be considered as the wealthiest. The financial and critical success does not always go hand in hand in the industry. Even if the movie has earned millions of dollars, they don't always get the nod of many viewers. Or, it can be the other way around. Classic blockbusters have been created by famous directors we know today and they have raked loads of money from them. However, this is not always the scenario of every director if they want high grossing and critically acclaimed films. Demands in the film industry have set new standards each year and every director need to deal with it properly in order to deserve a good payback. Look at George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, Peter Jackson and James Cameron who made excellent motion pictures throughout the years. Lights. Camera. Action. Cut! Get to know the richest directors in Hollywood and see how much they have earned to be on top of the list.

Rank Name Net Worth Age Country
George Lucas Net Worth
George Lucas
$6.39 B 73 United States
Steven Spielberg Net Worth
Steven Spielberg
$5.41 B 71 United States
Joao Moreira Salles Net Worth
Joao Moreira Salles
$5.33 B 56
Davis Guggenheim Net Worth
Davis Guggenheim
$2.5 B 54 United States
James Cameron Net Worth
James Cameron
$700 M 63 Canada
Chuck Lorre Net Worth
Chuck Lorre
$600 M 65 United States
James L Brooks Net Worth
James L Brooks
$500 M 77 United States
James Burrows Net Worth
James Burrows
$500 M 77
Peter Jackson Net Worth
Peter Jackson
$450 M 56
Michael Bay Net Worth
Michael Bay
$430 M 52 United States
Tyler Perry Net Worth
Tyler Perry
$400 M 48 United States
Francis Ford Coppola Net Worth
Francis Ford Coppola
$250 M 78 United States
Wachowski Brothers Net Worth
Wachowski Brothers
$250 M
Lee Unkrich Net Worth
Lee Unkrich
$215 M 50
Ridley Scott Net Worth
Ridley Scott
$180 M 80
Michael Crichton Net Worth
Michael Crichton
$175 M 75 United States
Tony and Ridley Scott Net Worth
Tony and Ridley Scott
$165 M
Barry Levinson Net Worth
Barry Levinson
$150 M 75 United States
Guy Ritchie Net Worth
Guy Ritchie
$150 M 49 United Kingdom
Ron Howard Net Worth
Ron Howard
$140 M 63 United States
Christopher Nolan Net Worth
Christopher Nolan
$135 M 47 United Kingdom
Chuck Barris Net Worth
Chuck Barris
$120 M 88 United States
Coen Brothers Net Worth
Coen Brothers
$120 M 48 United States
Roland Emmerich Net Worth
Roland Emmerich
$115 M 62 Germany
Tim Burton Net Worth
Tim Burton
$113.2 M 59 United Kingdom
Gore Verbinski Net Worth
Gore Verbinski
$110 M 53 United States
Joss Whedon Net Worth
Joss Whedon
$100 M 53 United States
John Lasseter Net Worth
John Lasseter
$100 M 61 United States
Quentin Tarantino Net Worth
Quentin Tarantino
$90 M 54 United States
Judd Apatow Net Worth
Judd Apatow
$90 M 50 United States
Jay Roach Net Worth
Jay Roach
$90 M 60 United States
Ivan Reitman Net Worth
Ivan Reitman
$85 M 71 Canada
Irwin Winkler Net Worth
Irwin Winkler
$80 M 86 United States
Paul Haggis Net Worth
Paul Haggis
$80 M 64 Canada
Andy Ackerman Net Worth
Andy Ackerman
$80 M United States
Jon Turteltaub Net Worth
Jon Turteltaub
$80 M 54
Farrelly Brothers Net Worth
Farrelly Brothers
$72 M
Warren Beatty Net Worth
Warren Beatty
$70 M 80 United States
Bryan Singer Net Worth
Bryan Singer
$70 M 52 United States
John Landis Net Worth
John Landis
$70 M 67 United States
Martin Scorsese Net Worth
Martin Scorsese
$70 M 75 United States
Brian De Palma Net Worth
Brian De Palma
$65 M 77 United States
Brett Ratner Net Worth
Brett Ratner
$65 M 48 United States
David Fincher Net Worth
David Fincher
$65 M 55 United States
John Woo Net Worth
John Woo
$60 M 71 China
David Lynch Net Worth
David Lynch
$60 M 72 United States
Jon Favreau Net Worth
Jon Favreau
$60 M 51 United States
Rob Reiner Net Worth
Rob Reiner
$60 M 70 United States
Barry Sonnenfeld Net Worth
Barry Sonnenfeld
$60 M 64 United States
Anthony Edwards Net Worth
Anthony Edwards
$55 M 55
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