Top 100 Richest Comedians

How many comedians can you fit into a rich list? Being able to make the crowd roar with laughter is not something that anyone can just do. Being able to let the audience laugh their hearts out amidst their overwhelming problem is a unique skill that is very hard to learn, but some people are just talented enough to find humor in anything that’s happening in their everyday lives. They are blessed with skills and knowledge to tickle others with their funny remarks and antics. The ability to bring never-ending laughter to other people is really a gift. Fortunately, some have used this remarkable gift wisely, which enabled them to bring home fatter paychecks. The list of the world’s richest and highest-earning comedians is not as dynamic as our list of the richest actresses, actors, and other entertainers. Our annual compilation from this category reveals almost the same names year after year. In fact, the list of the world’s highest earning comedians was topped by Jerry Seinfeld for a decade from 2005 through 2015. But in 2016, his decade-long reign ended when his position was snatched by Kevin Hart. Also, 2016 was a remarkable year in comedy entertainment industry due to the entry of a woman on the list. She was the first woman to have ever joined this prestigious list. It is also worth noting that the list is dominated by comedians originating from the United States. Whether they are into sketch comedy, stand-up comedy, or just plain acting, it cannot be denied that these entertainers are raking in a great deal of fortune from their remarkable performances. Take a look at our list to see who among the world’s renowned comedians laughed their way to the bank!

Rank Name Net Worth Age Country
Garry Shandling
$17 Million 69 -
John Cleese
$17 Million 79 -
Aziz Ansari
$17 Million 35 United states
Rebel Wilson
$16 Million 38 Australia
Craig Ferguson
$16 Million 56 United states
Adam Carolla
$16 Million 54 United states
Kristen Wiig
$16 Million 45 United states
Richard Belzer
$16 Million 74 -
Tim Meadows
$16 Million 57 -
Lily Tomlin
$15 Million 79 -
Marlon Wayans
$15 Million 46 United states
Rob Schneider
$15 Million 55 United states
Cedric the Entertainer
$15 Million 54 -
Pat Cooper
$15 Million 89 -
Christopher Guest
$15 Million 70 United states
Russell Brand
$15 Million 43 United kingdom
Patton Oswalt
$14 Million - -
$13 Million 51 United states
David Cross
$12 Million 54 United states
Artie Lange
$12 Million 51 United states
Cheech Marin
$12 Million 72 United states
Steve Coogan
$12 Million 53 -
Jimmy Carr
$12 Million 46 -
Will Arnett
$12 Million 48 Canada
Jon Lovitz
$12 Million 61 United states
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