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Top 100 Richest CEOs

Elon Musk, Tadashi Yanai, Charles Koch, Jim Walton, and the late Steve Jobs – what do you think do these people have in common? They are successful – yes! They are rich – definitely yes! But one thing that some people may not be aware of is that, these famous businessmen are actually some of the world’s wealthiest CEOs! To stay on top of their game, every company must have the type of leaders who are always driven by their goals, dreams, compassion, and hunger for success. Many have vision but they lack the compassion and knowledge on how the business really works. Some have the knowledge but they are not confident enough to pursue and achieve their vision. A successful CEO is a combination of all. Aside from having good leadership and communication skills, many CEOs are known to have strategic focus, agile, and performance-oriented. Only the bests can make it to the top and be able to stay on the top. With the advent of modern technology, success has been more difficult to achieve as each company must cope up with massive transformations through time. They also have to deal with equally successful competitors who are also motivated by the same goals as the others – to create a remarkable name in the raging global arena. Thus, the roles of Chief Executive Officers in every company should never be discounted. CEOs are entrusted with the responsibility to lead the entire organization. They are the ones giving the directives to get the goals done including, but not limited to, achieving continues growth and development, expanding resources, foreseeing and managing risks, and sustaining financial stability. So who are our frontrunners in the field of business leaders? We have listed the names of charismatic and visionary CEOs worldwide that were able to heap a fortune from managing, controlling, and directing companies. If you’d like to know more about them, read on!

Rank Name Net Worth Age Country
Charles Koch Net Worth
Charles Koch
$48.3 B 82 United States
Jim Walton Net Worth
Jim Walton
$46.5 B 69 United States
Serge Dassault Net Worth
Serge Dassault
$22.5 B 92 France
Tadashi Yanai Net Worth
Tadashi Yanai
$21.2 B 68 Japan
Alexey Mordashov Net Worth
Alexey Mordashov
$20.4 B 52
Elon Musk Net Worth
Elon Musk
$20.2 B 46
Eric Schmidt Net Worth
Eric Schmidt
$13.9 B 62 United States
Samuel Newhouse Jr. Net Worth
Samuel Newhouse Jr.
$12.7 B 90 United States
James Ratcliffe Net Worth
James Ratcliffe
$11 B 65
Xu Shihui Net Worth
Xu Shihui
$10.5 B China
Zhou Qunfei Net Worth
Zhou Qunfei
$10.1 B 48 China
Galen Weston Jr Net Worth
Galen Weston Jr
$8.97 B 45 United States
Suh Kyung-Bae Net Worth
Suh Kyung-Bae
$8.05 B
David Duffield Net Worth
David Duffield
$7.66 B
Hiroshi Mikitani Net Worth
Hiroshi Mikitani
$6.84 B 54 Japan
Travis Kalanick Net Worth
Travis Kalanick
$6.65 B 41 United States
Roberto Irineu Marinho Net Worth
Roberto Irineu Marinho
$4.8 B 70 Brazil
Mata Pires Net Worth
Mata Pires
$4.7 B Brazil
Guenther Fielmann Net Worth
Guenther Fielmann
$4.5 B 78
Andrew and Peggy Cherng Net Worth
Andrew and Peggy Cherng
$4.3 B
Lars Larsen Net Worth
Lars Larsen
$4.3 B 69
Ralph Dommermuth Net Worth
Ralph Dommermuth
$4.1 B 54
Fred Smith Net Worth
Fred Smith
$3.9 B 73
Daniel Och Net Worth
Daniel Och
$3.9 B
Akira Mori Net Worth
Akira Mori
$3.8 B
Jeremy Jacobs Net Worth
Jeremy Jacobs
$3.7 B 69
Horst Paulmann Net Worth
Horst Paulmann
$3.7 B Germany
Steven Udvar-Hazy Net Worth
Steven Udvar-Hazy
$3.7 B United States
Michael Pieper Net Worth
Michael Pieper
$3.6 B
Jason Chang Net Worth
Jason Chang
$3.5 B
Shigenobu Nagamori Net Worth
Shigenobu Nagamori
$3.5 B
Axel Oberwelland Net Worth
Axel Oberwelland
$3.4 B
Alexander Nesis Net Worth
Alexander Nesis
$3.3 B 55
Thomas Pritzker Net Worth
Thomas Pritzker
$3.1 B
Hui Lin Chit Net Worth
Hui Lin Chit
$2.9 B
Robert Pera Net Worth
Robert Pera
$2.8 B 39 United States
Tilman Fertitta Net Worth
Tilman Fertitta
$2.7 B 60 United States
Steve Wynn Net Worth
Steve Wynn
$2.7 B 75 United States
A. Jerrold Perenchio Net Worth
A. Jerrold Perenchio
$2.7 B 87
Hubert Burda Net Worth
Hubert Burda
$2.6 B 77
Shen Wenrong Net Worth
Shen Wenrong
$2.6 B
Shin Chang-Jae Net Worth
Shin Chang-Jae
$2.6 B
David Rubenstein Net Worth
David Rubenstein
$2.5 B
Nicholas Woodman Net Worth
Nicholas Woodman
$2.5 B
Tony Tan Caktiong Net Worth
Tony Tan Caktiong
$2.5 B
Arnaud Lagardere Net Worth
Arnaud Lagardere
$2.4 B 56 France
Bob Parsons Net Worth
Bob Parsons
$2.4 B 67 United States
Alexander Dzhaparidze Net Worth
Alexander Dzhaparidze
$2.3 B
Kevin Plank Net Worth
Kevin Plank
$2.1 B
Mark Walter Net Worth
Mark Walter
$2.1 B 58 United States
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