Top 100 Richest Businessmen

Two types of richest businessmen exist - those who inherited their wealth and those who built it from nothing. Some people were fortunate to be born with the silver spoon while others have to work their way to earn their living and be on top of their game, especially those with the rags-to-riches stories or the self-made billionaires. In the world of business, one can have different or similar experience with the others. Regardless of where they came from or how they acquired their fortune, the richest businessmen of today have different stories to tell on how they succeeded in their specific fields. Anyone can start their own business, but only a few can meet their goals and build their wealth. Some of them may have lost and won fortunes several times as they faced many adversities. They became rich in various ways, such as by blood, crown, savvy investing or building powerful businesses in their own means. Many of the wealthiest in the world today have acquired mountains of money because of business ventures or inheritance. However, there are various situations where even the lowliest key persons have created massive amount of wealth and topped the most consistent wealthiest businessman in the world. Various entities have made their compilation based on a number of factors. Some figures and financial figures may be missed out as numbers disappear with time. Find out who are the richest businessmen today and see how these leading movers and takers can give a run for their money. Be inspired on how they made it to the top!

Rank Name Net Worth Age Country
Jeff Bezos
$111 Billion 55 United states
Bill Gates
$105 Billion 63 United states
Bernard Arnault
$95.2 Billion 70 France
Warren Buffett
$79.5 Billion 88 United states
Mark Zuckerberg
$72.2 Billion 35 United states
Amancio Ortega
$63.1 Billion 83 Spain
David Koch
$58.2 Billion 79 United states
Charles Koch
$58.2 Billion 83 United states
Larry Ellison
$58.2 Billion 74 United states
Larry Page
$57 Billion 46 United states
Sergey Brin
$55.4 Billion 45 United states
Ingvar Kamprad
$52.8 Billion 92 -
Carlos Slim
$52.1 Billion 79 -
Steve Ballmer
$50.1 Billion 63 United states
S. Robson Walton
$49.2 Billion 74 United states
Michael Bloomberg
$48.8 Billion 76 United states
Jim Walton
$48.7 Billion 71 United states
Mukesh Ambani
$44.4 Billion 62 India
Liliane Bettencourt
$42.3 Billion 96 France
John Mars
$42 Billion 83 United states
Ma Huateng
$34.6 Billion 47 China
Francois Pinault
$33.7 Billion 82 France
Phil Knight
$31.9 Billion 81 United states
Sheldon Adelson
$31.4 Billion 86 -
Giovanni Ferrero
$30.3 Billion 55 Italy
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