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Top 100 Richest Basketball Players

LeBron James, Michael Jordan, Dwyane Wade, Kobe Bryant, Magic Johnson, and Shaquille O’Neal – these are just some of the most successful personalities in the field of basketball. This sport has enabled a lot of athletes across the globe to rake in staggering millions of dollars due to their impressive performance or lucrative sponsorship deals. Aside from being one of the widely viewed sports in the world, basketball is also hailed as one of the most popular sports today. The National Basketball Association, Euroleague, Eurobasket, FIBA Americas Championship, FIBA Women’s Basketball World Cup, and FIBA Basketball World Cup are among the most renowned sports associations nowadays. Currently, basketball players are among the frontrunners in our list of the wealthiest athletes. It’s not really a surprise as they are known to receive sky-high annual guaranteed salaries plus staggering bonuses. This figure could further increase with the addition of earnings from commercials and endorsement deals as well as returns or profit from various investments. LeBron James only came second to Cristiano Ronaldo with his $86.2 million total earnings in 2017, but the Forbes’ list of highest paid athletes is widely dominated by basketball players. From 18 last year, the number of basketball players who were ranked as the most-paid athletes today increased to 32. Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry, and James Harden also made it to the top 10. So who else made the cut this year? Who are the newcomers in our sports list? I’m sure you’re interested to know more about them so we’ve compiled them just for you! Be sure to check them out!

Rank Name Net Worth Age Country
Michael Jordan Net Worth
Michael Jordan
$1.31 B 54 United States
Magic Johnson Net Worth
Magic Johnson
$600 M 58 United States
Junior Bridgeman Net Worth
Junior Bridgeman
$600 M 64 United States
Kobe Bryant Net Worth
Kobe Bryant
$350 M 39 United States
Shaquille O’Neal Net Worth
Shaquille O’Neal
$350 M 45 United States
LeBron James Net Worth
LeBron James
$340 M 33 United States
Hakeem Olajuwon Net Worth
Hakeem Olajuwon
$200 M 54 United States
Grant Hill Net Worth
Grant Hill
$180 M 45 United States
Kevin Garnett Net Worth
Kevin Garnett
$180 M 41 United States
Tim Duncan Net Worth
Tim Duncan
$177 M 41 United States
Dirk Nowitzki Net Worth
Dirk Nowitzki
$170 M 39 Germany
Chris Webber (NBA) Net Worth
Chris Webber (NBA)
$143.4 M 44 United States
Gilbert Arenas Net Worth
Gilbert Arenas
$135 M 36 United States
Gary Payton Net Worth
Gary Payton
$130 M 49 United States
Carlos Boozer Net Worth
Carlos Boozer
$120 M 36 United States
Dwight Howard Net Worth
Dwight Howard
$115 M 32 United States
Derrick Rose Net Worth
Derrick Rose
$115 M 29 United States
Dwyane Wade Net Worth
Dwyane Wade
$115 M 36 United States
Chris Bosh Net Worth
Chris Bosh
$110 M 33 United States
Kevin Durant Net Worth
Kevin Durant
$100 M 29 United States
Elton Brand Net Worth
Elton Brand
$100 M 38 United States
Steve Nash Net Worth
Steve Nash
$95 M 43 Canada
Chris Paul Net Worth
Chris Paul
$95 M 32 United States
Amare Stoudemire Net Worth
Amare Stoudemire
$90 M 35 United States
David Robinson Net Worth
David Robinson
$90 M 52 United States
Reggie Miller Net Worth
Reggie Miller
$90 M 52 United States
Patrick Ewing Net Worth
Patrick Ewing
$85 M 55 United States
Carmelo Anthony Net Worth
Carmelo Anthony
$85 M 33 United States
Nene Hilario Net Worth
Nene Hilario
$81.9 M 35 Brazil
James Harden Net Worth
James Harden
$80 M 28 United States
Juwan Howard Net Worth
Juwan Howard
$80 M 44 United States
Pat Riley Net Worth
Pat Riley
$80 M 72 United States
Gerald Wallace Net Worth
Gerald Wallace
$80 M 35 United States
Stephen Curry Net Worth
Stephen Curry
$77 M 29 United States
Tracy McGrady Net Worth
Tracy McGrady
$75 M 38 United States
Kevin Love Net Worth
Kevin Love
$75 M 29 United States
Dikembe Mutombo Net Worth
Dikembe Mutombo
$75 M 51 United States
Rasheed Wallace Net Worth
Rasheed Wallace
$75 M 43 United States
Karl Malone Net Worth
Karl Malone
$75 M 54 United States
Jason Kidd Net Worth
Jason Kidd
$73 M 44 United States
Andre Miller Net Worth
Andre Miller
$70 M 38 United States
Alonzo Mourning Net Worth
Alonzo Mourning
$70 M 47 United States
Paul Pierce Net Worth
Paul Pierce
$70 M 40 United States
Jermaine O Neal Net Worth
Jermaine O Neal
$70 M 39 United States
LaMarcus Aldridge Net Worth
LaMarcus Aldridge
$68.2 M 32 United States
Corey Maggette Net Worth
Corey Maggette
$68 M 38 United States
Michael Finley Net Worth
Michael Finley
$65 M 44 United States
Pau Gasol Net Worth
Pau Gasol
$65 M 37 Spain
Yao Ming Net Worth
Yao Ming
$65 M 37 China
Emeka Okafor Net Worth
Emeka Okafor
$64.2 M 35 United States
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