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Top 100 Richest Baseball Players

Baseball has a long history as America's favorite pastime. For over 170 years, it is considered by many as the best sport. Youngsters who are perceived to be talented athletes often have parents who will push them towards baseball. They have seen how the sport can be a road to riches. Even verage professional baseball players are paid millions of dollars per year until the hard salary cap system has been imposed. Baseball's popularity continues up to this day because it is easy to follow and there is the excitement to see your favorite team's players cross over the plate. This is also one of the reasons why it also has a history of the richest sports players as they have acquired an enormous net worth, especially with their salaries and endorsements. Professional baseball players have the ability to earn huge amount of wealth in their chosen sport. It has a long list of legends who are highly paid, particularly when they play in the championships, considering their outstanding performances. They don't only get fat paychecks from their teams, but they also get hold of lucrative endorsement deals with various companies. One of the richest baseball players of all time is Alex Rodriguez or A-Rod to many. He is a homerun hero when it comes to salary and other earnings. His net worth of millions is soaring because of the sport's current market. Take a look at the list below that covers the richest of them and you are going to love it!

Rank Name Net Worth Age Country
Alex Rodriguez Net Worth
Alex Rodriguez
$300 M 42 United States
Derek Jeter Net Worth
Derek Jeter
$185 M 43 United States
CC Sabathia Net Worth
CC Sabathia
$155 M 37 United States
Ryan Howard Net Worth
Ryan Howard
$140 M 38 United States
Miguel Cabrera Net Worth
Miguel Cabrera
$135 M 34
Joe Mauer Net Worth
Joe Mauer
$125 M 34 United States
Adrian Beltre Net Worth
Adrian Beltre
$125 M 38
Tom Glavine Net Worth
Tom Glavine
$120 M 51
Randy Johnson Net Worth
Randy Johnson
$115 M 54 United States
Pedro Martinez (MLB) Net Worth
Pedro Martinez (MLB)
$110 M 46 United States
Manny Ramirez Net Worth
Manny Ramirez
$110 M 45 United States
Chipper Jones Net Worth
Chipper Jones
$110 M 45 United States
Aramis Ramirez Net Worth
Aramis Ramirez
$110 M 39
Mike Piazza Net Worth
Mike Piazza
$100.9 M 49 United States
Cliff Lee Net Worth
Cliff Lee
$100 M 39 United States
Prince Fielder Net Worth
Prince Fielder
$100 M 33 United States
Mariano Rivera Net Worth
Mariano Rivera
$90 M 48
Gary Sheffield (MLB) Net Worth
Gary Sheffield (MLB)
$90 M 49 United States
Barry Bonds Net Worth
Barry Bonds
$80 M 53 United States
Jim Thome Net Worth
Jim Thome
$80 M 47 United States
David Wright Net Worth
David Wright
$80 M 35 United States
Carl Crawford Net Worth
Carl Crawford
$79 M 36 United States
Vernon Wells Net Worth
Vernon Wells
$75 M 39 United States
Andy Pettitte Net Worth
Andy Pettitte
$75 M 45 United States
Moises Alou Net Worth
Moises Alou
$75 M 51 United States
Roberto Alomar Net Worth
Roberto Alomar
$72 M 49 United States
Bartolo Colon Net Worth
Bartolo Colon
$70 M 44 United States
Greg Maddux Net Worth
Greg Maddux
$70 M 51 United States
Sammy Sosa Net Worth
Sammy Sosa
$70 M 49 United States
Mike Hampton Net Worth
Mike Hampton
$70 M 45 United States
Bobby Abreu Net Worth
Bobby Abreu
$70 M 43
Max Scherzer Net Worth
Max Scherzer
$68 M 33 United States
Joe Nathan Net Worth
Joe Nathan
$67 M 43 United States
Johan Santana Net Worth
Johan Santana
$65 M 38
Ken Griffey Jr. (MLB) Net Worth
Ken Griffey Jr. (MLB)
$65 M 48 United States
Todd Helton Net Worth
Todd Helton
$65 M 44 United States
Ivan Rodriguez (MLB) Net Worth
Ivan Rodriguez (MLB)
$65 M 46 United States
Lance Berkman Net Worth
Lance Berkman
$60 M 41
Joe Torre Net Worth
Joe Torre
$60 M 77 United States
Troy Tulowitzki Net Worth
Troy Tulowitzki
$60 M 33
Matt Holliday Net Worth
Matt Holliday
$60 M 38 United States
Johnny Damon Net Worth
Johnny Damon
$60 M 44 United States
Roger Clemens Net Worth
Roger Clemens
$60 M 55 United States
Mo Vaughn Net Worth
Mo Vaughn
$60 M 50
Nolan Ryan Net Worth
Nolan Ryan
$60 M 70
Cole Hamels Net Worth
Cole Hamels
$60 M 34 United States
Mark McGwire Net Worth
Mark McGwire
$60 M 54 United States
Curtis Granderson Net Worth
Curtis Granderson
$58 M 36 United States
Adam Wainwright Net Worth
Adam Wainwright
$57 M 36 United States
Jayson Werth Net Worth
Jayson Werth
$55 M 38
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