Top 100 Richest Authors

Wordsmiths. Authors. They are skilled users of words. They are brave enough to pursue their artistic ambitions. Writing is no different than any other art form, but it is not as lucrative as music or film. There are more writers that make little fortune compared to those who earn more. Only a small percentage of these artists get to make it big and become financially secure in their endeavor, but there are still some of them who choose forgo the safe career path and take the risk to live out their dreams. Writers are considered as fearless, inventive, innovative, creative, romantic, comic and so much more. They take us to places and introduce us to things that we never knew before. Their magical prowess with words can distract us from the realms as we are moved into the fictional world. Despite their work, they still receive less compensation than what they truly deserve. However, there are those who made fortune from their writings and are now considered the richest authors in the world. The wealthiest writers are also the famous ones who paved their way out of the handful struggles they have encountered and made millions of bucks from their chosen profession. They have earned their fame and are now living a luxurious lifestyle. Look at J.K. Rowling. She is the wealthiest among the many authors who earned millions from their work. She has been rejected countless of times by several publications before she earned a fortune with her best-selling Harry Potter novel. A creative mind is priceless. Add some luck and the right attitude. Read on with the list and see the other rich writers who made it to the top.

Rank Name Net Worth Age Country
Elisabeth Badinter
$1.1 Billion - -
J.K. Rowling
$1 Billion 52 United kingdom
James Patterson
$560 Million 70 United states
Stephen King
$400 Million 70 United states
Nora Roberts
$340 Million 67 -
Danielle Steel
$310 Million 70 United states
Barbara Taylor Bradford
$294 Million 84 United kingdom
Nigel Blackwell
$292.5 Million - United kingdom
John Grisham
$220 Million 63 United states
Jeffrey Archer
$195 Million 77 United kingdom
Dan Brown
$178 Million 53 United states
David Oyedepo
$150 Million - -
Dean Koontz
$125 Million 72 -
Stephenie Meyer
$125 Million 44 United states
Christopher Little
$86 Million - United kingdom
Jack Higgins
$86 Million 88 United kingdom
Deepak Chopra
$80 Million 70 -
Janet Evanovich
$80 Million 74 United states
Suzanne Collins
$80 Million 55 United states
Clive Cussler
$80 Million 86 -
Joel Surnow
$80 Million 62 -
Meg Cabot
$70 Million 51 United states
E.L. James
$60 Million 55 United kingdom
E. L. James
$60 Million 55 United kingdom
Paul McKenna
$55 Million 54 United kingdom
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