Top 100 Richest Actresses

Becoming a Hollywood actress is probably one of the greatest dreams of every female performer in the entertainment industry. Of course, who wouldn’t want to be a part of the rich and glamorous world that offers a lot of perks including worldwide popularity and wealth accumulation? With natural talent, skills, ample training and strong connections, one can become an actress, but it’s another thing to become a Hollywood actress. Jessica Alba, Sandra Bullock, Julia Louis Dreyfus, Jennifer Aniston, and Angelina Jolie – these are probably the most popular in their field. Their acting prowess has catapulted them to stardom which had a domino effect to their wealth. These actresses have starred in numerous impactful and notable films that were commercially successful. This industry has not just enabled women to showcase their skills and talent, it has also paved them a way to build their fortune, acquire assets, and invest to worthy causes and projects, which secured them a good and lavish future even after retirement. Recently, both young and adult women actresses are making headlines with their performances on big screens and even on TVs. The tremendous success of Harry Potter film series has made Emma Watson so popular that she was able to bag more major roles in the recent years. With her impressive gift, it is predicted that Watson would eventually become one of the highest paid and wealthiest actresses in no time. Of course, we shouldn’t forget the sassy Jennifer Lawrence. This X-Men and Hunger Games star has been enjoying the mainstream popularity for only five years, yet she has been dominating the lists of highest paid actresses in the past few years. If her career continues to accelerate, we wouldn’t be surprised to see Lawrence’s name on any list out there. Our list of the richest actresses changes over time depending on the number factors including salaries, projects, investments, and of course, spending habits. Take a peek at our list to see who are the frontrunners on our recent estimates.

Rank Name Net Worth Age Country
Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen
$400 Million 33 United states
Mia Wasikowska
$275 Million 30 Australia
Paget Brewster
$245 Million 50 United states
Sasha Alexander
$215 Million 46 United states
Victoria Principal
$200 Million 69 United states
Julia Roberts
$200 Million 52 United states
Jennifer Aniston
$200 Million 50 United states
Julia Louis Dreyfus
$200 Million 58 United states
Tracey Ullman and Allan McKeown
$199.56 Million 59 United kingdom
Catherine Deneuve
$185 Million 76 France
Krysten Ritter
$185 Million 37 United states
Xuxa Meneghel
$160 Million 56 Brazil
Sofia Vergara
$160 Million 47 United states
Miley Cyrus
$160 Million 27 United states
Angelina Jolie
$160 Million 44 United states
Demi Moore
$150 Million 57 United states
Jessica Szohr
$145 Million 34 United states
Audrey Tautou
$145 Million 43 France
Frances Fisher
$145 Million 67 United states
Scarlett Johansson
$140 Million 35 United states
Jennifer Lawrence
$130 Million 29 United states
Drew Barrymore
$125 Million 44 United states
Sandra Bullock
$125 Million 55 United states
Amy Irving
$120 Million 66 United states
Jane Fonda
$120 Million 81 United states
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