YouTube Unsure What Caused Site-Wide Outage This Week

One of the world's largest websites was down Tuesday night from about 6:00 p.m. to 7:20 p.m. when the mobile app, webpage and other related services that are directly associated with YouTube could also not be accessed.

YouTube users quickly came to the conclusion that something was up after they were met with error screens and just a loaded homepage that did not include anything.

Some users, like myself, saw something that was a little different, it was the original homepage, but instead of it loading up the usual information, it loaded up a page that contained links. Those links were to pages about the actual about page, press, copyright, advertise, developers, terms, privacy policy & safety as well as the test new features and contact us pages.

So, when taking a look at the contact us page, we found that it had information regarding the legal part of things, media relations, and even the address as well as fax number to the company. However, it must be noted that this information is likely available in a certain place on the YouTube site that just isn't easy to find.


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In fact, the internet was tossed into such a frenzy that even the Philadelphia Police Department, openly said not to contact them during the outage. This alone is insane as they must have been met with a preponderance amount of calls for an issue they likely had nothing at all to do with.

The police department actual said: "Yes, our @YouTube is down, too,"  "No, please don't call 911 - we can't fix it."

According to Business Insider, the actual reason for the outage has not been declared by YouTube. Although, the company did release a statement that mentioned how they apologized for the inconvenience and that they were fixing the issue.

This was the first major issue with people not being able to actually access the platform but what's on people's minds is that they don't know what the issue was. If it was security, it would be nice to know so that everyone can make necessary changes and prevent their private information from getting out.

It may not have been an update, although, in the past, YouTube and Google, in general, have not been super out in the open about updated features.

Most recently, the company added a tiny mini player for videos into the desktop version of the website. What this does it allow people to search and watch their videos at the same time, it's useful if you don't like using multiple tabs or are used to the mobile version, which has already had that for a number of years. This was nothing big but it certainly was not advertised a lot or at all.


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