Women Sleep Better With Dog In Their Bed Compared To Human Partner

It's been said that dogs are not to share the same bed as their owners. But given that dogs have been proclaimed as "man's best friend" for many years now, it's hardly surprising that most people choose to ignore this suggestion anyways. However, news has recently been revealed to disprove the fact that dogs shouldn't share a bed with their owners- but only if they're female.

According to a report from CBS Local - SF Bay Area, a survey conducted by researchers from Canisius College found that women who let their dogs sleep in their bed slept better. This was in comparison to women who either slept with their pet cat, or with another human being. These results were found from 962 women living in the United States. Out of that, 55 percent slept with their dog, whereas 31 percent slept with their cat. An additional 57 percent of women slept with their partner.


via The Today Show

Researchers went on to explain that women who allowed their dogs to sleep in their bed were disturbed less throughout the night, and even felt comfort and security with their dog by their side. Owners were found to go to bed early, and also stick to a strict sleep schedule. Researchers believe that this is due to dog owners adjusting their life to better benefit their dog.

Those that share a bed with their cat and/or their partner are actually hindered by doing exactly that. Cat owners typically don't hold a strict sleep schedule like dog owners often do. Also, cats were found to be just as disruptive as human partners and weren't felt to bring a lot of comfort or security to their owners. Women even admitted that they felt safer sharing a bed with their dog than their partner!

So it's clear that for women at least, letting your dog share the bed isn't s much of a detriment to your health as it had been initially believed. But letting your cat and/or partner share the bed as you can make sleep harder to come by. Given how willing people were when it came to listening to the old news of dogs causing problems when sleeping in their owner's bed, it's doubtful that most anyone makes their cat or partner sleep elsewhere.


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