$344 Million Powerball Winner Got His Lucky Numbers From A Fortune Cookie

A man who recently won a $344.6 million Powerball jackpot has revealed that the winning numbers came from a fortune cookie.

Most of you reading this have probably imagined a time or two about what it would be like to be a millionaire. Annoyingly, the only way many of us will ever reach that lofty goal is by winning the lottery. We buy tickets in the hope that one of these draws will be the one that is lucky for us, but the odds of that happening are so small they're not even worth thinking about.

However, when you tell someone who plays the lottery those minuscule odds, they often reply with the same thing. Something like "why not me?" or "someone has to win it," and they're right. Every now and again the jackpot will rollover but eventually, someone will win that money. Someone who has almost definitely questioned why they put themselves through the pain of buying a ticket and watching the draws every week.


Charles Jackson will have likely asked himself that a time or two. However, he won't be any longer. Jackson recently won a whopping $344.6 million Powerball jackpot, reports CNBC. What's even more mindblowing than the amount of money he won is how he picked the winning numbers. He found them inside a fortune cookie.

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Jackson's granddaughter gave him what would wind up being the winning fortune cookie during a visit to a Vietnamese restaurant. At first, the North Carolina native believed he had won $50,000. Still a pretty good haul, but nothing compared to what he had actually won. When Jackson double-checked his numbers, he realized he had won "the whole dang pot" as he put it.

Jackson opted to take the lump sum rather than annual payments. That means, after a hefty chunk being taken in tax, he will be left with $158 million. Jackson told CNBC that it likely won't change his life an awful lot. He plans on taking his wife to Vietnam, donating a large amount to charity, and giving his brother $1 million. Oh, and he'll also buy himself a new pair of jeans. Treat yo'self, Charles.


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