This Website Allows You To Tune Into Radio Stations Around The World

Generally, people don't really listen to radio anymore, but when they do, they just look for whatever is easy to find on their phones. You can be one of the people who get to tune into pretty much any station around the world, so long as the weather permits.

This is pretty cool and is done using a shortwave radio. These radios are basically transmitters of information but the range always includes all of the high-frequency band (HF). They also extend from the 1.7–30 MHz (176.3–10.0 m) range.

There's a website that allows you to play around with these various frequencies. You, in short, get to control a radio receiver at the University of Twente. This device allows you to input a frequency of your choosing and listen.


What the website looks like   (Via Michael Normandin)

The cool part is that you get to explore anything from around the world. This includes Chinese international radio stations, North Korean stations, American, and more. Essentially, you can tune into songs or anyone talking over the public radio on a certain station and frequency as long as the weather permits you to. In fact, the meteorological conditions can limit how far a signal can travel, so you may not get the best connection from Australia as you would if you were in Canada listening to someone on a radio station in the United Kingdom.

The website comes packed with several different frequencies that can be used to listen into the abyss that is the world of radio. The available frequencies that you can tune into are AM, FM, USB, LSB, CW, and AMsync. These are fairly popular. You can hear anything from music or a person talking, to what would be considered the deep ocean sounds on other frequencies. While on the website you can also adjust the kHz on your end. This means that you could improve a signal that might not be coming in to well.

On top of that, the website allows you to basically see a wavelength of all the signal coming in. You'll see a light purple or even dark purple when something is coming in. At that point, it's up to you. As in, if you'd like to listen to it and bother yourself with taking the time to tune into it or not. This wavelength is also referred to as the waterfall and you can zoom in or out of it to get a better view of the signal.

All in all, it's a simple website that can really let you explore various stations and frequencies to learn about other parts of the world via a radio. You can listen to music, talk shows, data transfers and more.


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