Veterans Are Now Using Sensory Deprivation Tanks To Deal With PTSD

Veterans are often heard of finishing their tour of service with some form of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and many can't seem to find the aid needed to at least feel better about their situation.

There are many forms of therapy available to veterans, including virtual reality, which can help them come to terms with the reality of what they have experienced. There's also another form of therapy — a sensory deprivation tank.

Since the environment naturally deprives people of sensory information (things your brain collects from your senses), it's a great place to relax and just think. Now, when people think, it allows them to process how things are going for them. This is great for veterans because they need a safe place to break down some of the traumatic things that are seen while in combat. In fact, this new tool can be possibly be used as a way of acting as the first step to getting better.


Via CBS News

This is yet another road that's difficult for not only veterans but also for anyone who has experienced some level of emotional or physical trauma.

The environment allows for a deep contemplation of the reality surrounding people's lives and abilities. It's basically a great place for anyone that needs to do some intense thinking. So, it's probably best used for people with high-stress jobs or those of us who simply need to figure out what choice is best when they're future is at stake.

According to Good News Network, they work by being a small pool that's filled with around one thousand pounds of Epsom salt, sometimes called magnesium sulfate. This allows whoever is inside to feel like they're floating. Coupled with the salt is the heated water, with the temperature being 94.2 degrees Fahrenheit (around 34 Celcius) it creates the sensation of being in the air as it's the same temperature as the human body.

There's one thing about this that's really going to draw a lot of attention and that's the simple fact that it may not work for everyone, some people might be beyond the point of self-help and could require medication or a more professional line of care.


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