5th Graders Discover They're Going To A Theme Park Via Fake Exam Question

Fifth-grade students were tricked into thinking they were taking an exam when really they were about to be whisked away to a theme park.

We all have varying memories of our school lives as we will have all had different experiences. However, much of what we experienced will have been something we have all been through. We can all laugh about school lunches. Many of us likely had teachers with similar traits. Plus, we can all recall the dread and fear we felt the night before we were due to take a big exam.

While massive, life-changing exams don't come along until later in your school life, the pressure of them is present very early on. A group of year six students (fifth graders in the US) at St. Andrews School in the UK were recently faced with the stress of taking their final exam before moving on up to secondary school (middle school).


Although they will have to take that exam at some point, we assume, they did not sit it when they were expecting to, reports The Independent. When the pupils sat down to take the exam last week, they discovered that the whole thing was a rouse. Instead of a paper loaded with challenging questions, they were faced with the one below. A revelation that there was no exam, and that they would be heading to a theme park instead.

via St. Andrews School

After the revelation via the question, there's a sentence that reads "DO NOT MAKE NOISE- LET EVERYONE READ THIS QUESTION!" Slowly but surely, everyone in the classroom read the faux exam question and realized that there was no exam. The children's parents had been emailed ahead of time and sworn to secrecy so the school could get permission to whisk them away for the day.

With that, the school took its fifth graders to Chessington World of Adventure for the day. A great day out for any kid at any time, but probably one of the best days ever for them considering they thought they would be sitting what we can only assume would have been a pretty tense exam. We just hope that none of the students chose to pull a sicky due to not wanting to take the exam.


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