Tesla Model Xs Are Powerful Enough To Move Trucks Blocking Charging Stations

It turns out, Tesla owners can fight back against trucks that are ICE-ing their charging stations.

There is a trend of people trying to block electric vehicle charging stations, it's known as ICE-ing and the result of it was many Tesla drivers, as they're the ones mostly being targeted, getting annoyed. However, it seems like one driver had enough and is fighting back, in an unconventional method.

According to Driving,  a video that was staged by YouTuber Patrick Lawson from Tesla Trip, shows the Model X variant almost having no trouble dealing with the five-thousand pounds of weight it had been dragging around in the back of it. This isn't even mentioning the fact that it was made more difficult due to the fact of the truck having its breaks on.

It may seem like any part of the Tesla can pull this weight but that's not entirely the case. As one user in the comment section of the YouTube video pointed out, the trailer ball and two cables might not be designed for such an intense load on it. This means there's a possibility of it actually snapping off and then not being useful anymore.


Now, how this can even be done is quite simple. It can mostly be attributed to the four-wheel-drive system, which provides torque to all of the vehicle's wheels simultaneously. In short, the wheels have more power going to them.

However, attempting to tow someone's truck in a live situation could result in a few things. The first is pretty obvious, if a driver catches you towing their truck, they'll be pretty angry. The second thing that should be kept in mind is that many cities have taken actions to try and prevent the ICE-ers from doing what they do. This means that a Tesla owner could probably just call the city and save themselves the trouble of towing several thousand pounds.

All in all, this is some much humor in a situation that can have many Tesla owners worried. It's clear that it is possible for a Tesla to tow a truck but that could result in a less than friendly social exchange. Other than that, the law seems to be on Tesla's side with all of this so, one can imagine that this headache will be taken care of sooner rather than later.


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