Replace Your Summer Shoes With Stick-On Foot Pads

The newest fashion trend is comfortable stick-on foot pads for wearing at the beach, around the pool, and for those that simply do not like wearing shoes and prefer going barefoot.

The product is called Nakefit “l’originale.” They were invented by a group of Italian designers, but there are already knock-offs like a product called "Sticky Feet". However, we like “l’originale” because the product is made in Italy and the materials used are superior. If you are going to walk around barefoot, we think it is more fun to do it with a sense of Italian classiness wearing Nakefit. Don’t you agree?

The company raised money on Kickstarter to get going, asking for $20,000. They got the financial support of over $220,000 from nearly 5,000 backers, which was more than ten times what they requested. They completed their first production run, which went to all of those backers on Kickstarter, so now Nakefit is becoming available for the rest of us to enjoy.


Via Nakefit

These foot pads sell in ten-packs for the price of about $30, so they are reasonably priced. They are disposable; however, they can be worn for quite a while before the adhesive wears out.

Wearing these foot pads allows anyone to go barefoot in a safer way. There is no longer a worry about stepping on sharp things or walking across hot surfaces. Feet are able to stay clean underneath the pads and do not get blackened, like they normally would, from walking around the dirty streets without wearing them. They are also waterproof. They stay on securely when wearing them while wading in the water at the beach or by the side of the pool. They provide more traction when walking on a boat and are great for windsurfers to use.

Via Nakefit

Business Insider has a video showing a woman testing them by walking across Legos building blocks. This would normally be very painful. She easily traversed a pile of Legos of various sizes without any suffering. They are good to protect feet when going into the ocean and having to walk over sharp rocks or coral.

Nakefit foot pads come in a range of sizes to fit both men’s and women’s feet. It is a bit sad that summer in North America and Europe has already come to an end. Maybe it is time to pack up some of these and head off for a vacation in Australia, where it is spring now and summer will soon begin.


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