Skype Finally Announces Call Recording Feature

The very popular communication platform known as Skype is finally getting an update that will make so many people's lives easier.

The user will soon be able to record calls which means that they will not need a third party software to do so. Although the quality of the calls is not yet known, it should be good if it wants to remain popular among users.

According to The Verge, Microsoft will make this a cloud service. This means that you'll record a call in Skype and then be able to retrieve it any device from a server. This can be a great move if someone has many devices and dedicates them to certain works. As in, if someone if often in a Skype call and games on another device, they might find it useful to just have one dedicated machine to gaming and one to communication. This is why having the file saved in cloud storage would be helpful when it came to editing that content together.


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This goes alongside a new initiative that Microsoft seems to be doing with Skype. They have been becoming more friendly to content creators. Specifically, individuals who are more likely to find a feature like this useful. The tool is being experimented with and is known as Content Creator mode. It's great for Streamers, YouTubers, podcasters, and pretty much anyone that needs to record audio for the purpose of creating some form of content. It's also been reported to operate effectively with other platforms such as Xsplit, Wirecast, and Vmix to ensure that the user can have an easier time with their creations.

This new feature should be coming out at the end of July and will certainly drive some people to use the platform more. Currently, many people use Discord because there may be better call quality and superior service when it comes to dealing with streamers. Despite this, Skype is a father in the industry of online communication and seems to need a few updates to make people want to use it again. This time around, it's allowing people to record so that their lives are just a little bit easier.

Microsoft is also redesigning the PC version of Skype that will have a mobile-like design. This design will likely make it easier for people to navigate since the current version of Skype can, in fact, get some people confused as to where certain settings are located.


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