Scientists Discover Dwarf Planet In Our Solar System

The discovery of another dwarf planet on the outer reaches of our solar system has lent more credence to the existence of Planet Nine.

There once was a time not too long ago when we believed the solar system to be a collection of nine planets gathered around the sun. Mercury, Venus, Earth, all the way up to Pluto. Since then, not only has Pluto lost its planetary status only to get it back again (that's still a touchy subject) but scientists have discovered there is, in fact, more in our solar system beyond the icy dwarf planet.

Not only have those scientists discovered two more dwarf planets well beyond Pluto's orbit, but their behavior would suggest the existence of another, full-sized planet orbiting the sun. The theoretical mass has been aptly labeled Planet Nine. Although it's existence is yet to be categorically proved, this week even more evidence has been uncovered to support it being out there somewhere.


That discovery is yet another dwarf planet, formally named 2015 TG387, but given the nickname The Goblin due to it being discovered close to Halloween, according to The Guardian. The Goblin has an extremely long and elongated orbit. That suggests it is under the influence of a much larger mass's gravitational pull, presumably the elusive Planet Nine.

via theguardian.com

Some of you might be wondering how these discoveries are only just being made, especially since the planets are in our own solar system. Well, to put it into as much perspective as we can, even when at its closest to the rest of the planets, it is still two and a half times further from the sun than Pluto. At its furthest, it is a staggering 60 times further away. The most shocking statistic of all? It takes The Goblin 40,000 years to orbit the sun, and for 99% of its orbit, it would simply be too faint to see.

The discovery of The Goblin along with fellow dwarf planets Sedna and 2012 VP113 are almost definitely just the tip of what is lurking in the outer reaches of our solar system. Not only do scientists believe that they are on the cusp of proving that Planet Nine does indeed exist, but they're also almost certain that there are still thousands more dwarf planets along with it just waiting to be discovered.


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