Scientists Discover Bacteria That Fights Superbugs

Big steps are being made in the world of medicine, and the newest developments regarding a new bacteria that fight superbugs are yet another step in the right direction.

According to Discover Magazine, ancient Irish soil holds an antibiotic surprise, one that can come in handy! A newly discovered bacteria that completely inhibits the growth of antibiotic-resistant superbugs has been discovered within soil located in an area of Northern Ireland known as the Boho Highlands, says the research team at Swansea University Medical School. The discovery allowed researchers to learn that Druids occupied the area 1500 years ago, and the soil in the region has been part of traditional healing practices for centuries upon centuries!

Many scientists have turned to the study of Ethnopharmacology, otherwise known as folk medicine, in hopes for an alternative to increasingly resistant infections, however, they have had very little success in those regards, up until now. After scientists explored and study the Irish soil, leading to the discovery of new bacteria, things have begun to look up! While the findings show how the bacteria resembles a mold, it is, in fact, a true bacteria, claims the source, named Streptomyces sp. myrophorea.


When a further investigation was done, researchers found that the bacteria could inhibit the growth of 4 out of the top 6 multi-resistant superbugs on the World Health Organization’s list, marking this bacterium as a major discovery! Considering the world of medicine is finding new ailments and diseases far too often, this find proves that there remains a possible fight against certain bugs that can often time lead to illness and possible death.

Discovery Magazine further explains how the genus is the “source of around two-thirds of frontline antibiotics today”, however; this newest species is definitely a new candidate. This is not the only team working on this; a Newfoundland company is work to level the field in the fight against antibiotic-resistant bacteria that could render disease like pneumonia, tuberculosis and strep throat. Considering how big of a threat antibiotic-resistant bacteria are to global health, these findings are a massive step in finding successful treatments and possible cures for severe diseases, as mentioned previously.


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