The Cast Of The Office Has Finally Been Immortalized In Funko Pop! Form

The Funko Pop! family now has a Dunder Mifflin, Scranton branch thanks to the addition of the cast of The Office to its collection.

There are a few things members of a franchise needs to look out for to know that they have really made it. Babies being named after characters from their universe, fans believing the characters actors play are actually their real-life personas, and even a large chunk of people hating you due to how popular you have become, among other things.

Another indicator that you've hit the big time is if you and your co-workers are immortalized as Funko Pop! figurines. A four-inch version of yourself with a comically large head. The MCU, Lord of the Rings, Breaking Bad, Star Wars, Game of Thrones. All franchises whose characters have been turned into Funko Pops. At last count, there were almost 6000 different characters to collect.

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You can now add a few more to that incredibly high number as The Office Funko Pops have been released. The show might have come to an end more than six years ago, but that doesn't mean we are any less in love with it. Every time we try to find something new to watch on Netflix, we inevitably end up just watching The Office all the way through again. Don't pretend like you're any different.

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The detail that has gone into the Funko versions of Dunder Mifflin's loyal employees makes us think their creators are just as obsessed with the show as we are. Michael has his "World's Best Boss" mug, Pam is wearing her signature white tennis shoes, and Kevin comes complete with a pot of "Kevin's Famous Chili." Plus, for the complete collector, there are also Funko versions of Prison Mike and The Belsnickel.

As we mentioned above, all of the Funko Pop! Office collection is available now on Amazon. Prices vary depending on the character, but most are priced at around $10 each. Not only are they a must for any completist Funko Pop! collector, but also any fan of The Office. Those of us who love the show continue to cling to it in any way that we can, and this is another perfect way to do that.

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