Norway Reveals Plan To Clean Litter From The Ocean

The country of Norway has great environmental plans that aim to rid the oceans of their litter contents.

Erna Solberg, who's Norway’s Prime Minister announced a plan that spans a total of four years and would cost $200 million. On top of this Norway is now connected to the World Bank with a fund that is dedicated to reducing waste in the ocean. The fund is known as PROBLUE and the name pretty much says it all considering the goal is to reduce marine waste.

According to Mashable, the fund has already been promised $75 million. This is a clear example of how Norway wants to attempt to fix the pollution issue that's been going on for a pretty long time. Specifically, the nation wants to try and create waste management systems, these might include just building a decent landfill or collection systems that are reliable.

The hope is that implementing these will be a long-term solution, which is important since these countries don't always have an effective system in place.


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This isn't the only thing that Norway is doing to try and fix the problems with our oceans. They also work alone on something that's been called a cash for trash project. Now, what it does is quite simple. It works on the system of a country paying its citizens to pick trash up.

The reason Norway might be so heavily involved with these different funds and plans is that they actually rely on oceans and coastlines for around two-thirds of their export earnings. This means that if they don't take part in saving and conserving these natural wonders, they could quite literally put themselves out of business.

There is also the fact that Nikolai Astrup,  Norway's minister of international development, visited Ghana. Astrup ended up helping clean the coastline a bit because he wanted too and his team made sure it happened.

So, this means that he's clearly seen some issues regarding trash disposal which could have ultimately led to him having pushed for this when he got back in Norway. If this is the case, he's certainly been successful in his quest because Norway as a whole seems to be actively working to better the environment, especially in developing nations.


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