If You Have Been Receiving Mystery Spotify Charges Recently, You Are Not Alone

People have been reporting mystery charges from Spotify, even if they are not and have never been signed up to the streaming service.

As time passes, we are continually growing more and more reliant on technology. While it makes our lives a lot more convenient, it can also leave us feeling a little worried, particularly when it comes to our money. Between online banking and credit cards, most of us don't even see our cash physically any longer as we use it.

Like we said, convenient, but that also means our money is easier to steal. If you haven't had money taken from your online bank accounts, you probably know someone who has. Most of the time, it's an issue that can be rectified and your money returned. However, that doesn't make it any less scary when you log on and realize someone has taken a large chunk of your money.

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CBC reports that some people have been discovering that mystery payments have been being made to Spotify via their debit cards and chequing accounts. Annoying, but if it's a genuine mistake, you can get in touch with Spotify and have your money refunded. The trouble is, some of the people this issue has been happening to don't even have Spotify accounts, and have not had them in the past.

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After Danielle Parent inexplicably found herself in her overdraft, she checked her recent transactions to see what was going on. Turns out Spotify had charged her $119.88 four separate times, totaling $479.52. Just one of those payments is the cost of an annual subscription to Spotify. Another woman who had been wrongly charged by the streaming service questioned why four of those payments coming from one account wasn't flagged as strange by the company.

As far as we know, everyone who has been hit by these mystery charges has eventually had their money reimbursed. However, no explanation has been offered as to how this could have happened. If it were exclusively happening to Spotify customers then at least it would be clear that the streaming service's files had been hacked. In this instance, it seems as if someone is masquerading as Spotify in order to raid people's bank accounts.

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