Mysterious Cache Of Coins Found In Northern Canada

A strange cache of old coins has been found in the Yukon, specifically in Dawson City, Canada.

According to CBC, the coins were found by a construction crew who had been building a trail. One member, Bill McLane, was the person to officially find the coins. They were actually located thirty centimeters under the ground, which means that they were either buried there for a reason, or they had just been dumped there a long time ago. If the second option is the case, it would then mean that various activities could be connected to the coins, such as investments in property.

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The discovery location was once a sprawling old-fashioned version of the now common, downtown area of a city. According to Christian Thomas, an archeologist, the specific area where the coins were found was known as the Menzies Addition.

The coins themselves are both American and Canadian. This suggests that the individual who had them was clearly a traveler since it's rather difficult to come across foreign coins so far up north.

One thing is for sure, the money is basically worthless. They actually only come in at around $9.50, which would be very little, even for the time period of the coins, which could be from the gold rush era. Although, the coins are now worth a nice $240, as long as the amount is adjusted for inflation.

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Some questions being asked really focus on who the person was. This is not uncommon for people who have found an interesting piece of history — especially if it was by accident. It's kind of like developing a connection to something that you just find lying around, it is essentially a worthless item, but that item has got history literally surrounding it, thus sparking curiosity.

At the moment these questions can't be answered since the coins are being looked into by professionals. The people looking into them are likely an archeologist, who would find themselves delving into old places to locate more of these coins and a historian, who would be doing research on the item itself to try and piece together its history.

While the coins are indeed old, it does not mean that they will be put into a museum right away. They're actually sitting in the Dawson City safe at the moment until it is decided on what should be done with them.


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