Exclusive: Creator Of müvTravel Gives Advice To New Entrepreneurs

TheRichest recently had the chance to chat with Michel Karam, creator of the müvTravel for an exclusive interview. We discussed many topics at length regarding the ins and outs of the website itself, which is an all-encompassing travel website, but one topic we wanted to touch on was Karam's experience as an entrepreneur. Most of us have had an idea or two for an app but actually following through with creating the website, publishing it and then making a success out of it is another story, especially in this day and age where we can get overloaded with information.

Yet, despite the odds, Karam has created a successful website. müvTravel allows users to compare the costs of flights and hotel rooms as well as receive customized suggestions and read actual, local reviews. Users can plan their dream vacation and invite family and friends to view their trip as it's updated to stay in touch right on the site. müvTravel looks to be the next big thing in travel and getting some insight from a successful entrepreneur was an opportunity that we simply couldn't pass up.


muvtravel.com/Michel Karam

We asked Karam what advice he might have for our readers who are thinking of venturing out into the world of entrepreneurship or have just set foot into that risky, sometimes scary yet very exciting new chapter of their lives.

"Two verbs: dare and persevere," Karam advised us. "One thing that I do see with young entrepreneurs today is that they have great ideas except they are afraid to talk about them. They think that they should keep them to themselves, hide them because someone else might take them. It is a good idea to talk about ideas because they will know whether it’s a good idea or not."

He went to say that the best way to learn about our own ideas from others' viewpoints is to talk about them and receive feedback. Feedback from fellow entrepreneurs or people in the industry can be extremely valuable. Karam told us that it's important to be sure that the idea is something that people will like and if there is enough proof and belief that it will be a success, shoot for the stars!

"When you’re sure that it’s something that people will like, that will succeed, just dig," Karam said. "Go for it. So that is my advice, dare, persevere and concentrate on the product."


müvTravel currently offers its users a choice of detailed suggestions, photos and local places to visit for 500 exotic, incredible, "must see" vacation destinations. New location additions to the site are in the works now.

Readers, if you have a business idea that you are sure will succeed just like Michel Karam was, why not take his sage advice and go for it?


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