Man Tries To Legally Change His Age To Have Better Tinder Luck

Not many people actually attempt to go through the process of changing their age but they've thought about it as a joke. Well, those people aren't anything Emile Ratelband, a sixty-nine-year-old Dutchman who's apparently trying to legally change his age.

He'd like to change his birthday from March 11, 1949, to 1969 on the same day. This would actually nock twenty years off, at least on paper. Ratelband even claims to have the body of a 45-year-old and says that his age makes him feel like he's being discriminated against on both Tinder, the dating app, and in the world of employment.

You've got to give it to him, he is so dedicated to swapping the numbers around that he's willing to even renounce his pension. This is a move that's dangerous as most people at least pay into the system all their lives. This is, of course, assuming the courts granted him his wish, which they probably won't since it's believed that there's no legal way in which one can change their date of birth.


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According to TechSpot, a court in Arnhem is supposed to reach a decision on the matter within the next four weeks.

While many people may think that Ratelband is kind of ridiculous, he does have some basic reasoning for this. If he's experiencing ageism, the discrimination based on age, then he should go to the government and take proper legal action instead of trying to run from the issue at hand. This might be something he would have to do anyway if he doesn't manage to get the idea approved by the courts.

As for the issue with Tinder, he's not really going to find more success. People of all ages experience difficulty in dating, it's a normal thing, especially since people tend to date who they're attracted to. On the internet, that just so happens to be by the way the person looks.

However, he may find that he would get more likes on the app since he would probably be targeted towards people of his new age. Given, that's assuming he is looking for people in that forty-nine or so age range. There's also the reality that many people know about already, not many people in his age range are on Tinder, that's a safe thing to assume, this means that he may find a plethora of success on a dating app or site-directed to elderly people instead of youngsters.


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