Manliest Man To Ever Live Survives Bear Attack By Punching It In Nose

A 78-year-old man decided to show a bear in North Carolina who's boss by giving it a sack in the nose.

On that fateful day (Nov. 5, 2018), Sonny Pumphrey noticed two cubs and a mother bear not far from him. The black bear decided that today was the day for a fight and came running at Sonny, he then punched her right in the nose. From that point on, it was a mild struggle with the bear that resulted in a few bruises and a bite to his hip. He even got swatted by the bear, which apparently knocked him eight feet on the concrete.

According to Salem News, Sonny's wife, Betty, actually heard what was going down outside, she brought their dog, Bella. The dog started barking and Betty was yelling, eventually, this caused the bear to flee the scene. After which, Betty decided to fire some shots into the woods to try to deter the bear from coming back and then called the authorities.


Sonny Pumphrey Via Salem News

Obviously, the bite and scratches mean that Pumphrey needs to get some rabies shots for his own safety. But this is just a small price to pay for what could have happened if his wife and dog hadn't come outside.

This situation is becoming a little more common since the winter months are fast approaching. This means that bears and possibly other animals are going to be seen in more populated areas as they attempt to scavenge food before their hibernation begins when the temperature drops more.

One thing is for sure, bears can be very deadly and Pumphrey could have died rather quickly if it wasn't for his fast reaction. You see, it's clear that the punch stunned the bear, at least for a few seconds before the actual fight started. In these types of situations, every second counts and even one wrong move could lead to him being killed by a bear twice is size. So, the way everything played out leaves him to be a very lucky man that survived a bear attack by having a fast reflex. While some people may think that he had the option to run away, he really didn't because he seemed to have the fighting aspect of the flight or fight ability of the human mind.


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