KFC Reveals Plans To Enter The World Of Video Games Somehow

KFC is taking a different route when it comes to trying to expand their reach into the hearts of people who love fast food. This is why they're getting in the world of gaming.

While it may seem like KFC is trying to get into the generalized world of gaming, it's certainly not the case.  According to twin galaxies, they are instead focusing on a select genre such as battle royal games like Fortnite and even targeted the world of eSports in general, which has seen tremendous success when it comes to outright profits.

One thing that surely confirms their interest in the ever popular Battle Royal gaming genre is that they basically wrote about it in the bio of their Twitter account. They even found room to plug their famous finger licking good slogan in after indirectly mentioning the chicken dinner prize for winning a game in PUBG.

Most of this was seen in an announcement video that was posted to the KFC Gaming Twitter account. The video came packed with eSports tournament footage as well as gaming, but this didn't stop them from taking a shot at Mcdonald's, by having Colonel Sanders beat him up in a Mortal Kombat style game. We also saw the historic KFC figure in a wrestling game.


The video has also been captioned with what one can deem as a very specific word choice. It read that "Player One has entered the game".

It's not quite clear what KFC Gaming is going to be doing in this new industry that they just broke into but it is surely going to be unique as they've created a lot of hype for it. It's safe to say that they could be participating in the games themselves by having their own team or they could be acting as sponsors for in-game events, teams and even large-scale support of tournaments.

Hopefully, it's nothing like that creepy Sneak King game that Burger King commissioned way back when.

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