Japanese Citizens Missing & Without Power After Earthquake Rocks Hokkaido

Japan has once again been hit by a powerful earthquake. This time around, the island of Hokkaido felt the power of a 6.7 magnitude quake. The incident occurred at 3:08 a.m. on Thursday.

The earthquake occurred at the depth of forty-kilometers and even managed to cause a nuclear power plant to switch to backup generators. While there was much hope to get the power for thousands of people back up quickly, it might take upwards of a week since three generators at the Tomato Atsuma plant were damaged.

To add insult to injury, it caused landslides that ended up crushing homes in the city of Sapporo, damaging farmland as well as causing some people to be reported as missing.


Via Nikkei Asian Review

The Japanese national broadcaster, NHK reported that 125 people were injured. Although, Hokkaido's local disaster agency put the number of wounded people at forty-eight.

That was not the only place to feel the force of the quake though, a town known as Biei ended up having citizens clearing shelves of food, water, and toilet paper. In fact, the sheer number of people preparing for the worst ended up being limited to twenty liters of gas at local petrol stations.

To aid with the rescue operation, the Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe said that 25,000 soldiers would be dispatched to the affected areas. This is actually more common than most people think. Both Canada and Japan have used the military to help with combatting natural disasters in the past.

According to CBC, the military decided to deploy water tanker trucks to Sapporo since many residents do not have any running water in their homes.

This entire incident just adds to a list of issues regarding natural disasters in Japan. Earlier this summer, devastating floods caused by hot temperatures across the country and heavy rainfall from Hiroshima caused serious issues for anyone in the affected areas.

In short, the main issues at the moment are two things, finding missing people and managing to get everything up and running, which is difficult since electricity is either in short supply or not even in available for some locations. This means that some areas don't even have water going to homes, their phone lines cut, and trains lines are idled.


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