Huawei Fires Sales Director Following Arrest

Chinese tech company Huawei has made the move to fire sales director Wang Weijing after he was arrested in Poland and charged for apparently spying for China on Friday.

Huawei officially let him go and said that "the incident in question has brought Huawei into disrepute." On top of that, The company said that his actions "have no relation to the company."

The home of Weijing was searched according to Stanislaw Zaryn, an Internal Security Agency spokesperson. That's not all though. According to CBC, the Warsaw offices of Huawei were searched by authorities. The result was the seizure of documents as well as electronic data. What this means is that the government would like to view those documents and figure out if Huawei is participating in these actions, no matter what their response to Wang's arrest is.

Wang's not off the hook though, he's said to be facing around ten years in prison, assuming that he is convicted for his supposed actions of espionage.


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Huawei has had its fair share of security fears. In fact, despite it being one of the largest makers of telecommunications equipment in the world, its banned in the United States and has been since 2012. That's not the only country to ban the company though. Last year Australia, New Zealand, and Japan created their own ban against using Huawei.

All of this does not look too well for Huawei's European plan of introducing next-generation 5G mobile networks. They won't be able to effectively do that if many countries don't trust their ability to prevent hacking and snooping from people and organizations.

This is going on not long after Meng Whanzhou was arrested in Canada at the request of authorities in the United States. In that case, she was arrested on the accusations that Huawei had sold U.S tech to Iran. She's now out on bail while she waits for extradition proceedings, which could lead to her facing charges in the U.S.

Whatever the case may be, it's clear that Huawei is in a bit of tough spot with these arrests and allegations surrounding the company. If one wrong move is done, they could be seen as insecure and not be used by nations.


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