Horse Escapes Stable, Terrorizes Nearby Bar

How often have you seen a horse take a stroll or rather more of a run through a local bar? Well, a few people in Chantilly, France, got to witness the once in a lifetime event.

The horse ended up getting into the bar by first escaping its racing stable. This alone is a difficult task as they are not the biggest places to hold the horse and generally have a few people watching over the animals.

The video first shows everyone calm and then suddenly the patrons get a very concerned look on their faces. From that point on, everyone in the bar flees for their lives as they don't particularly want to get injured. In terms of the horse, it does look as if it has a saddle on, so it may have been being prepped for a race.

The horse can be seen jumping, which is a clear attempt to remove the saddle that is hanging off it. This is most visible when the horse makes its second run through the bar.


Some users commented on the video posted by The Guardian and mentioned funny things like "what's with the long face," and "Drop the mask, BoJack, we know it's you." However, despite all the jokes, the incident shows a distressed horse. This was also heavily expressed by many people in the comment section who were not happy. One user mentioned that horses don't seem to enjoy things strapped to their back parts, which could be a reason as to why it was acting in such a wild manner.

There's some good and bad when it comes to something like this. The good part is that nobody got hurt. Someone could have very easily taken a horse kick to the chest, which would have landed them in the hospital.

The horse also seemed to be alright from taking a gander at the video, although it was a tense situation it may come out with some bruises due to the nature of how it was moving and hitting objects. On top of that, the bar has got to deal with a few damaged items, which isn't too bad but still a cost they now have to take into account.


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