Home Fire Leads To Discovery Of Secret Underground Tunnel

If it were not for a tragedy that occurred on Sept. 10, 2017, a bunch of secret tunnels would not have been discovered.

Daniel Beckwitt, a millionaire who made his fortune in the world of cryptocurrency, had elaborate tunnels constructed in the case of a nuclear attack. And most of the world never know about the existence of these subterranean pathways if not for this fire.

However, they were found, but under grave circumstances as one man, Askia Khafra, lost his life in the blaze. Now, the world's knowledge of these tunnels are Beckwitt's least concern as he faces charges of second-degree murder and involuntary manslaughter.

According to Boston.com, Beckwitt's trial has been scheduled for April 2019, and the drama of this case is likely to escalate.


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One thing that is highly noteworthy about this situation is the fact that Khafra's parents told him to stay away from Beckwitt and his tunnels. Looking back their advice to the 21-year-old who lost his life was certainly sound advice.

The tunnels that Beckwitt had Khafra and other individuals building are extensive. The shaft that Khafra's body was found in was 20 feet deep and the accompanying tunnels branched out roughly 200 feet from the shaft. Because of these tunnels, prosecutors are attempting to paint Beckwitt as a paranoid individual.

These tunnels are located at Beckwitt's home in a suburb just outside of Washington D.C. were it not for the fire that claimed Khafra's life they likely would never have been discovered because Beckwitt took extensive measures to conceal them. Beckwitt's defense may also be weak, as they claim that Beckwitt attempted to, but ultimately failed to rescue Khafra.

One has to wonder why Beckwitt was even considering building these tunnels in the first place, given the fact that the actual likelihood of a nuclear attack happening is relatively minuscule. For this reason alone the prosecutor's case is far stronger because those aren't the types of thing most individuals would think about in their day to day life. At the very least it is a bit of an eccentricity.


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