Google's Measure App Gets Update To Be Used On More Devices

Now, your smartphone just got a little bit smarter. Anyone can now easily get an approximate measurement of something by pointing a smartphone at it. To accomplish this, users need to download the Google Measure app to a smartphone running the Android operating system 7.0 & up that supports the ARCore.

No longer do you need to have a physical tape measure in order to get the size of something. Just point the phone at it, set the beginning and end points on the image, and then the ARCore does the rest. Need to get new drapes? Point the phone at them and capture an image of them with the approximate measurements. Want to know if something will fit in a certain space? Capture the measurements of the space before going shopping and then capture an image of things that are interesting. Use the approximate measurements to see if an item for sale in a store will fit in the space.

Engadget notes that the new update of the Google Measure app works with many models of smartphones, whereas the older version only worked with those that support the AR platform called Tango. Carpenters, handypersons, interior designers, hobbyists, and more should now find the Google Measure app very useful.

Via Engadget

Google has been trying to keep up with the competition coming from Apple, who recently released it ARKit 2 for the iPhone. Besides taking virtual measurements, it has improvements in tracking faces, improved object detection, and rendering that is realistic. Using this, Apple AR app helps create persistent experiences that can be shared by many players. There is a 3D detection capability that is now being used for new games such as one that allows a child to play with virtual Lego building blocks with up to three friends.

The Apple ARKit 2 gives the iPhone the ability to place digital objects as an overlay on a real physical space and save the configuration for use again the next time the app is opened. This is fun for interior designers to use to show how lighting, artwork, furniture etc. would look in a particular physical space.

When using Google Measure for Android phones, augmented reality is now in the hands of smartphone owners who have the right models of Android phones, and now that it is available on even more devices, that's a good thing.

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