Gas Guzzlers Are Blocking EV Charging Stations In Weird New Trend

There's a new trend that targets people who have electric vehicles. It's called ICE-ing, which sees trucks that are gasoline or diesel-engined blocking electric car chargers.

The prank is rather simple but hasn't jumped to being something that's going down at every Tesla Supercharger around the world just yet, as it seems like most of the incidents are in the United States. According to Driving, the most recent case, in the United States at least, was in Hickory, North Carolina where a group of young men was photographed by Reddit user Leicina blocking a few Supercharger stations. In this case, the end result was them rendering the area half useless, as they didn't manage to block all the stations. They were also eventually kicked off the lot by a business owner and then proceeded to yell "F*ck Tesla." After that, they allegedly attempted to intimidate Tesla drivers with their pickup trucks.

This isn't the only incident though, in Tennessee, Texas, one Tesla driver was almost stranded as the Supercharge station was blocked by some pickup trucks. Although, it wasn't clear if there was as much tension in this case as the one above.


Via Daily Mail

In yet another incident at the location of El Paso, Texas, there was what could have been contractor pickup trucks doing the same thing. This time at a Hampton Inn & Suites. The only thing that solved the issue was when Sheriff deputies went into the hotel and knocked on every door until they tracked down who owned the trucks.

Bottom line, this is just annoying but doesn't seem to be entirely effective as there are a ton of Tesla Superchargers and simply not enough people willing to spend their time blocking them for this to become an actual large-scale issue. However, that doesn't mean what the combustion engine drivers are doing isn't illegal. There are several U.S cities as well as nine states that have actually gone ahead and passed laws that are aimed at preventing this from going on. Those of them that have done that are Arizona, California, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Massachusetts, Oregon, Rhode Island, and Washington. In terms of cities, those who have passed laws are Washington DC, Seattle, Baltimore, Raleigh, North Carolina, and Knoxville, Tennessee according to the Daily Mail.


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