New Galaxy Discovered Creating Stars At Amazing Pace

Science never ceases to amaze us, and it’s done it again! Astronomers have been able to capture an astonishing scene within our universe, one that would have anyone leaning in to know more.

According to the Daily Mail, a “monster galaxy” has been captured that creates new stars 1,000 times faster than the Milky Way. How is this even possible? Well, scientists concluded that this massive galaxy is creating stars at such a fast pace due to unstable clouds of molecules that are scattered throughout said galaxy.

This monster galaxy—which is said to be the ancestor of huge elliptical galaxies such as the Milky Way—is nearly 12.5 billion light years from Earth! Scientists at the University of Massachusetts Amherst and National Astronomical Observatory of Japan in Tokyo viewed this image, which is the sharpest to date of any galaxy. The image was captured using the ALMA Observatory in Chile, which is are a group of radio telescopes that cost $1.4 billion!


Via Daily Mail

This particular piece of machinery was able to take the shot with a resolution 10 times higher than any previous observation. The image allowed scientists to view specific details regarding the structure of the universe that had never been seen before. It has been common knowledge that these forms of galaxies produce stars at extremely rapid rates, but we have never been able to discover why, until now that is!

These monster galaxies, also referred to sometimes as “starburst galaxies”, can produce stars at such a fast pace due to the clouds of molecules found within the galaxy, known as stellar nurseries, which allow for dense regions of gas to collapse and create new stars. Confused? We’re right here with you! Essentially, molecules are found within these galaxies that burn through mass amounts of cosmic gas, this form of “fuel” if you will, is used to create new stars.

Via National Astronomical Observatory of Japan

In this case, this monster galaxy is burning through the “fuel” much faster than any other recorded galaxy. One unusual discovery that the astronomers discovered was that these clouds of molecules throughout the galaxy “are very unstable, which is unusual,” according to Daily Mail. This unusual occurrence might play a major role in the creation of the stars and is estimated to consume all of its gas in around 100 million years.

Further research continues to be done in regards to this new discovery, but what astronomers have already discovered is taking the science world by storm!


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