Scientists Develop New Text Font To Help People Remember What They Read

A new text font has been created that is said to spike our memory and remember things better.

Researchers have developed a new font, dubbed Sans Forgetica, that they claim help people retain information that they read. Sans Forgetica, a play on “No Forgetting", was created using research from both typography and psychology in order to optimize the way the text and its format is processed within our brain.

According to DailyMail, the text relies on “obstructions” that require the reader to put in a little more effort, which in turn, allows them to retain and remember the information they are reading. The font is expected to help those who read newspapers, books, and even students who require a little more to retain pertinent information for exams and assignments.


Via RMIT University

The font, which is now completely free and available, was developed by a research team at RMIT University in Australia. The Aussie research team incorporated a learning principle known as “desirable difficulty,” which uses certain obstructions to aid the learning process allowing for reads to grasp onto the information better. RMIT lecturer in typography, Stephen Banham, said: “This cross-pollination of thinking has led to the creation of a new font that is fundamentally different from all other fonts”.

The Sans Forgetica font slants somewhat backward and contains a distinct cutout in each letter, known to be the “obstructions”, within what you are reading. Although many would think that such alterations to the text would hinder their reading abilities, the text is still for much readable, and easily so! As mentioned, the font was created with the mindset of helping students prepare for exams.

Via T3N

With other non-obstructed fonts, often times, “readers glance over them and no memory trace is created”, said Dr. Janneke Blijlevens. However, with the creation of this new font, Sans Forgetica, there is just enough obstruction within the text to create substantial memory retention.

This genius creation will not only increase the interest in reading but will help various people from students to newspaper readers or those reading online articles, to retain the information and process it in a more useful and beneficial way. Kudos to the RMIT team, if only this was around when the rest of us were struggling to prepare for exams!


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