Facebook Hits 2.27 Billion Active Users Despite Concern For Information Safety

Facebook seems to be hitting milestones left and right in terms of their user base. It was recently announced that they managed to get a whopping 2.27 Billion active users on the site each day.

Now, this is more of a combination of things. You see, Facebook is a lot like a hub for its other services like Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger. The two billion people seem to be divided into these programs, which makes sense since they are fairly popular.

What does this mean for Facebook as a company? For one, they're expanding, however, they're not really expanding into developed countries. In fact, according to NBC News, the company actually believes that they're almost saturated in the developed world. This leaves two more areas of expansion for them. Newly developed and developing.

Facebook is growing and the Asia-Pacific region is just one notable location where more people have been jumping on the platform for a plethora of reasons. It could be to watch videos or simply chat with friends. One thing is for sure, Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, has got a money maker on his hands.


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While they may have over two billion people using their services, they need cash to back that up, whether it be with servers, programmers or pretty much anything to support the user. Currently, they make around  $27.41 per user in North America. Now, in comparison to the growing Asia-Pacific region, they only get $2.67 per user. This is a drastic decrease for the time being and one that may increase in the long run, likely when that specific region grows economically, thus resulting in more demand for ads to be targeted in that location.

This does not mean that Facebook is close to closing up shop because they can't keep expanding. With growing markets, people will want to communicate one way or another. That leaves room for Facebook to act as that starting platform. One thing that might draw and possibly keep these potential and new users coming to Facebook is that the company has produced a little bit of an all in one feature. Meaning, you can get a pretty good take on social media from just Facebook and Instagram. In short, people new to social media might enjoy getting to have one account for all their needs.

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