5 Most Expensive Toys from the 90s (& 5 That Are Completely Worthless Today)

Okay, so, you're getting older, going off to college, and leaving home. For some, that may mean leaving a childhood room with buried memories of toys past. If you're starting to feel a lot like Andy from Toy Story 3, then you might consider donating your old, unwanted childhood relics to someone else who might find joy in them.

Or, if you're looking to take a more lucrative route, you might decide to list them on eBay. If you've got a lot of toys to sift through, you're going to want to use your time to list the ones with the best resell value, right? Read on to find out which toys are selling, and which are probably best left back on the shelf.

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10 Expensive: Polly Pocket

Still have that old Polly Pocket compact lying around in the back of your closet? You might want to consider selling it!

Polly Pocket was first introduced in 1989 by Bluebird Toys, a United Kingdom-based company that was eventually purchased by Mattel in 1998. Due to the fact that the Bluebird Toys sets differed from the ones produced by Mattel, the older sets can be very valuable, as they are rare.

On eBay, a vintage Polly Pocket Stampin' School set recently sold for $241. Asking prices for various sets range from $15-$125 depending on the year and the size of the set.

9 Worthless: Tamagotchi

Tamagotchis were introduced in Japan by Bandai in 1996, and the rest is history. You probably remember trying to collect as many of these little egg-shaped pets as possible if you were born in the late 1990s. Your parents probably remember your bill at the toy store that followed.

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Rarer Tamagotchis, like the original 1997 model, might be worth a bit more cash. However, newer models are plentiful and less likely to sell for a higher price point. Seeing that there were around 75 million sold by 2010 (which likely equates to a higher figure now) there are plenty of kawaii digital pets to go around.

8 Expensive: Super Soaker

If you've got your old trusty Super Soaker hidden away in your childhood toy box, it could be worth a hefty price! The Super Soaker Monster is one of the most valuable models of the toy, ranging in asking price from $100-$200! Depending on the type of toy and the condition it is in, you might rake in a sizeable money markup from the Super Soaker's original asking price back in the '90s.

7 Worthless: Pogs

If you were a kid that had simpler tastes, Pogs might have been your style! The popular game was big in the 1990s, and kids everywhere collected the little bottlecap game pieces in order to show off their collections to friends. The object of the game is to use a slammer to hit a large stack of facedown Pogs into the air. After collecting face up Pogs and repeating the process multiple times, the person who is without any face-down Pogs the quickest is the winner.

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Some pogs might have collectible designs on the front, but unfortunately, are not worth near as much as a larger and more functional toy. A pack of 1000 goes for $39, which equates to only 39¢ apiece!

6 Expensive: Sky Dancers

The original Sky Dancers, manufactured by Galoob from 1994-2000, were fun, fairy-like toys that launched in the air with a yank of a pull-cord. Unfortunately, the unpredictability of their flight path was the cause of their demise.

Sky Dancers were recalled in 2000 after causing nearly 150 injuries to kids and adults, though they were eventually re-released in 2005. If you have a Sky Dancer today, it might go for around $40-$100. Just make sure to wear your safety goggles if you decide to take it for a spin.

5 Worthless: Disney VHS Tapes

Remember the rumor that your old Disney Black Diamond Collection VHS tapes were worth a fortune? Yeah, that's not so true.

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Ecstatic owners of Disney Black Diamond VHS tapes have been listing them on eBay for $1000+ for a good number of years. While the rare case of someone shelling out serious bank for the tapes has been reported at least once, the tapes are by no means rare, and the large amount of them listed at high prices go unsold. The true value sits between $5-$25!

4 Expensive: Bop-It

Did you use to show off your skills to your friends by beating the hardest mode on your Bop-It? If it's in good condition, you might be able to bop your way to some extra cash!

A new 1999 Bop-It still sealed in the original packaging is worth around $50-80 on eBay, and a Bop-It from 2002 is listed at $49.99. Even though the newer models have more options for gameplay, the simpler vintage toy is the clear winner when it comes to retail value!

3 Worthless: Happy Meal Toys

Okay, we'll admit it. Some of these toys, like the Happy Meal Changeables set pictured here, are worth a bit of money. However, to unlock the full potential of McDonald's Happy Meal toys, you usually need an entire set. With the right set, you might be able to sell to the highest bidder.

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The one-off Happy Meal toy in the back of your junk drawer probably does not qualify, especially if the toy doesn't come from an interesting or unusual collection. The five minutes of fun you had as a kid with your Happy Meal toy is priceless, though!

2 Expensive: Pokemon Cards

Gotta catch 'em all! If you have the money, that is. Pokemon cards can be worth quite a bit, depending on the ones you have. The first edition set of holographic cards are extremely rare, skyrocketing the resell value. Some of the cards in this collection are valued at around $4000! However, if you possess any of the regular first set cards, you can usually expect a pretty penny.

The rarest card of them all, the Pikachu Illustrator, is worth around $100,000. However, there are only five in existence, and it was only released in Japan, so locating this one might prove to be a tough task!

1 Worthless: Ty Beanie Babies

If you're a kid from the '90s or the early 2000s, you probably already know the horrors of the Beanie Baby craze. They were the soft, cute, pellet-filled friends you—and your parents—wanted and loved. Unfortunately, despite the value they had to collectors in the late 90s, Ty Beanie Babies are worth much less in the present day.

Ty Inc., the parent company that produces Beanie Babies, took great advantage of supply, demand, and product scarcity by only producing small numbers of certain Beanies. At other times, some models would be "retired," or in other words, no longer available on the market, causing the price to skyrocket due to rarity.

The Beanie bubble burst in 1999 when the company announced that they would stop producing the line of toys altogether, causing frantic collectors to buy up absurd amounts of stock. Beanies returned to the market the next year, and the desire to hoard the cute little animals disappeared as a result.

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