Disney Announces Plans To Drop Plastic Straws by 2019

With the popular opinion of plastic straws dwindling more than ever before, more and more large corporations have announced plans to ditch the item in the next year or so in favor of non-plastic options. After coffee giant Starbucks announced that they were doing exactly that earlier this month, many wondered which large corporation would follow suit next.

Enter Disney, who announced plans to drop their plastic straws and stirrers by mid-2019 in favor of biodegradable options such as paper or bamboo. They also revealed plans to reduce single-use plastic items after that in a stronger effort to become a more environmentally-friendly company.


Via Orlando Weekly

In a press release issued by Disney, they revealed that this move will eliminate the over 175 million plastic straws and 13 million stirrers that are used every year. This would help in reducing the amount of plastic that ends up in our landfills, affect animals of all kinds, and pollute the Earth. While it would be a small step by one company, a company as massive as Disney taking such a move may persuade even more large corporations to follow suit in an attempt to look environmentally friendly as well.

In addition to eliminating plastic straws, stirrers, and other single-use plastic items, Disney announced plans to have refillable toiletries and in-room amenities on both their cruise ships and hotel rooms. They also revealed more plans to reduce plastic bags on their resorts' stores, and to eliminate polystyrene cups completely. In cases where plastic cannot be avoided, Disney will keep up an aggressive recycling program to combat this.

With other companies announcing plans to drop plastic straws, seeing another big name with as much status as Disney follow suit gives the plastic-free movement more credibility than before. There is more hope that this movement will continue to gain momentum as more announce similar news of having plans to eliminate plastic. It will take time and won't happen overnight, but it's good to know that companies are taking the idea of eliminating plastic more seriously in an effort to become more environmentally friendly.


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