Climate Change Causing Sea Levels To Rise At Rapid Rate

Climate change has never been more real, folks!

The ongoing global impacts of climate change are quite striking, and if there is a time for a change, it is definitely now. With CO2 emissions at an all-time high, it appears that sea levels are too rising at a catastrophic rate. According to Science News, climate change is putting numerous locations across the globe surrounded by water in serious danger.

The rising sea levels are not new, however, the rate at which they are increasing is certainly a cause for concern. Destinations such as Newtok, Alaska is currently sinking as the ice melts, claims the source. The river surrounding Newtok appears to be eroding the ground at a rate of 21 to 27 meters per year! In addition, when strong winds pick up, the tide becomes strong enough to create floods throughout.


Via Science News For Students

With increasing temperatures and a warmer planet, it is no surprise that ice caps are melting at a significant rate. This is not only leading to a rise in sea levels but risking the livelihood and well being of millions of people living by the water. When it comes to sea levels worldwide, we are witnessing an increase of 3 millimeters per year! If these numbers persist, it is expected that by 2100, the average global sea level will likely be between 0.3 and 2.5 meters higher than it was in the year 2000. This will occur if people do not make changes and if greenhouse-gas emission continues to rise.

Even if changes are made and humans stabilize emissions, the average sea levels are likely to continue rising between 0.5 to 1 meter by 2100, says the source, easily wiping out countless cities sitting in coastal areas! Cities such as Shanghai, Mumbai, Dhaka, Lagos, Sao Paolo, and Jakarta would be at high risk of flooding and storm surges!

If that weren't eye-opening enough, sea level rise can also increase erosion, change groundwater levels and back up drainage systems! There is no time like the present to do your part in helping our planet. For the sake of planet Earth, and the future of at-risk cities, we must take action now to prevent these worst-case scenarios from occurring.


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